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On vacation this week and loving it!

July 8, 2010


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America Unraveled and rewound

July 4, 2010

America Unraveled and rewound

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Happy 4th of July

This is a quilt made by Home for Wayward babydolls.It is a design that follows a thought I have had in my head for quite some time. In my mind it was made with all the itty bitty scraps I have after making other projects. I did not have a patriotic theme in mind. I like this design.
I spent the afternoon yesterday with cousins I haven’t seen in some time. My brother brought his boat to the lake and I went out and the kids went tubing. We all love to be on the water. My Mom and sister are back from their 2 week trip in the motorhome to Yellowstone, the Tetons and then back through Mount Rushmore. My Mom turned 82 years old while they were on the trip. She spent the day yesterday watching the commotion from her chair with about 6 others who wre 72yrs plus. She didn’t get around and move much but she was certainly there. I love my Mom more that I can even explain.
We ended the night with a little excitement – instead of sitting around the lake watching fireworks I was at the emergency room with my son who got 8 stitches along his lower jaw. He had quite a laceration. He was so scared. Mom came with me and Kay was already there when we arrived. It was about a 20 minute drive to the hospital so we called daddy and told him he talked to his little man. Then we called his older brother who was out with friends and they talked as well. It was a good diversion while I drove.
My little guy was scared – so scared. We had to go though metal detectors and they searched my purse to get into the hospital??? They did not give him a shot but numbed the area with a cotton swab. I don’t think the numbing worked too well and I proceeded to watch them poke that little metal wire with thread through his skin on each side of the wound and pull the skin together and then tie it off with 8 knots each stitch. It was the quilter in me watching those stitches being made. Each puncture into his skin sent my son writhing in pain saying it hurts and clutching his hands in my hands. He let the doctor’s assistant do her stitching and I was so proud of him. He didn’t cry at all he just was in so much pain. It is so hard for a mother to watch her child in pain. I kept telling him how proud I was of him and how much I loved him.
     Kay had taken Grandma home so we drove out to Grandmas so she could see he was Ok. It was a little after 10pm by then. He is still sleeping now. We are at his auntie’s house overnight.
     I have had quite a week. 8 days ago was my older son’s 21th and he came home that Sunday with one hell of a black eye and a swollen face. He had had the shit kicked out of him at an after the bars party. He now has a pinched nerve in his neck. The swelling has gone down but his eyeball has so many broken blood vessels in it. He had to face the football team and coaches on Monday. I imagine it was a bit humbling for him. I am also hoping the team doctor took a look at him. Monday night his cut over his eyebrow broke open. It probably should have been stitched too. After football practice I noticed he had 3 butterfly winged bandages over the cut. They looked like the kind that wouldn’t fall off with a sweaty body from endurance running and strength training he does at 6am every morning.
     Needless to say I have a bit of a headache just thinking about my two son’s head injuries. I have been up since 530am listening to one heck of a storm outside. I am glad we are not at the lake in a tent. I do hope though that we can go back today and see everyone and let them know my little guy is OK. He won’t be able to get wet though. There are 4 motorhomes – 2 parked on each side of the cabin filled with relatives. My Aunt had 10 children! Only half of them are there but with their kids and boyfriends and girlfriends around there are over 80 people. My day is beginning. Enjoy your 4th everyone.