Minky and Lots of Love

When I purchased the backing minke fabric I had no idea it was so long and so wide. I do not want to see 1 inch of this fabric go to waste. It is absolutely amazing.

I have decided to add a row to the side and to the bottom. I already purchased more WORD fabric about a year ago.

Luckily I put the pattern in a safe place. I have a three ring binder labeled “current quilt projects”

The pattern is called Lots of Love for the Splendid Sampler by Melissa Corry. The finished block size 6″ x 6″.

It takes my brain a while to wrap itself around a pattern. I like to free piece or work with color with 1″ squares.

If you look at a past post under this catagory you can get some history on the blocks given to me by my quilt group and Flickr friends.

I do not have a lot of pink in my stash. A good friend Sharyn provided me pinks from her stash and also pulled some fabrics from our Quilting Babe sister Judy before many of her fabrics were donated to a few local quilt guilds.

Judy loved to do needlepoint as well as quilting. I am honored to have been given a small token of Judy’s handwork.

I loo

I have only found one fabric so far that is already in the quilt and when I turned the block over just above my pointed finger you can see where Judy wrote her name.

This is her full block.

… and I am off to complete the first of my new blocks.


ta ta for now



One Response to “Minky and Lots of Love”

  1. Deb Says:

    That is going to make a really snuggly quilt. Good idea to add on a few more blocks as to not waste the backing.👍

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