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Saturday Thrift Day

February 6, 2022

I did a masked 40 minute dash thru the thrift store.

There was one piece of Pyrex a split dish verde for $14 with no lid. I already have with a lid so it stayed behind.

There were no storage containers which I like to get at the thrift stores.

No furniture this time but this particular shop has great furniture.

I looked through the minimal Valentines decor and found an enamel heart. $1.99 and it is beautiful and goes nicely with some of the other hearts I have collected.

The other items I got were

A bag of sunflower greeting cards. 49c

Beadwork planner book for junk journaling $1.49

The Happy Planner book $1.49

Recipe flip book $1.99 ready to be used! I could not have made it for that price.

Jute bag .99c to hold some treasures or fabric scraps. It is lined with plastic so it probably was around a plant.

Two mugs: The letter C .59c and a Butterfly.99c

Two beautiful scarves: a black and gray stripe .99c and orange circles $1.99

And the 1 yard of red fabric $1.99

Total with tax $15.99.

It was great entertainment.

The items I purchased will allow for further entertainment.

The fabric will go into numerous current projects.

I was able to get myself out of the house and the walking I did was good for me.

Note: I did another post today called Scrap Happy Aqua and Teal!

Vintage Butterfly Quilt and thrift scores

January 7, 2022

First vintage quilt purchase of 2022. Happy New Year!

There are 5 different fabrics in various colors used in this tied quilt.

Some of the butterflies will need blanket stitch repairs.

I can do that!

The backing fabric is the same as the alternate block on the front.

The best part is today was senior discount day!

Thrifted 2pc $5.00 less 25% plus tx

And since we love the viola in this house I consider this a nice score.

Vintage Love

December 30, 2016

I would love to share with you my love for vintage fabric as this year comes to a close.


I have an ongoing love of making Triple Irish Chain quilts. I completed the top and back for my niece Erica and based and bound it. I gave it to her at her request not quilted and hope to quilt it some day.  This one I am currently working on is for her younger sister Mary Ann. I am cutting the white background fabrics for two additional quilts. One for my niece Emily and hopefully one for me. These one inch strips of fabric put into quilts has been a signature of mine. img_0050

This white fabric is a little thin. I hope this block holds up over the years. I do love the music pattern it has and I am able to use it in Leah’s musical quilt back as well. img_0052

Look at this beautiful fabric. There is nothing like it!img_0053

At this time of the year I like to bring out my vintage crocheted containers. I thrifted this one this past year at Value Village for $1.49. Ohhhh, I like it so much! img_0055

Look at these fabulous vintage cards and papers used in this box. img_0056

I got a new camera for Christmas which is one of the reasons I have not done a post in a long time. My other camera the lense is not retracting and of course it would cost more to have it repaired than to just purchase a new one. I don’t like this concept of our throw away society. I wish I could find someone who tinkers with electronics and would be willing to fix it just for fun!  I have to thank Scott for getting me a beautiful camera. Look at the detail it catches! Yay!!!! It has been a tough year for me. I have been battling cancer since the end of March. I still have a ways to go with treatments but so far so good. I am looking forward to 2017. I have to thank the 30 plus people who have followed me on Flickr and commented on my pictures this year. So many people have sent me gifts and cards it is sooooooo appreciated. Just when I would feel down I would get a greeting card or gift in the mail. Thank you all so much. img_0057

October Thrift Haul

November 1, 2014

On this first day of November I would like to share my items purchased this past month at thrift stores.

IMG_1029Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mitten. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things!

The bins are always a necessity for me but….. I can no longer move too many of them at one time. I was rearranging my garage and moving storage around to fit the boat into the garage and threw out my back. I have spent the past two weeks recovering and it has not been without a few tears.

Bins large Sterilite $2.99 with no cover

Small bin with lid  .79

These two were actually vintage book store purchases

– Embroidered Torso Stand $3.50

– Fabric Torso Stand $4.25IMG_1037I see a lot of dolls at thrift stores but these two called out to me.

Country Garden Fairy $1.69

IMG_1041Matryoshka doll also known as Russian nesting doll or babushka doll – Uncle Sam.$1.99  It was over by the Christmas items that are just starting to show up at the thrifts.


I found two items for my Pyrex collection – actually five but 3 are not in the above photo.

Corning Ware P-14-B 400ml dish with Pyrex lid $1.49

I could not pass up another red fridgie for .79

IMG_1033If anyone knows how to add luster to them let me know???

I think I now have 4 of these!

I did use them to make Friendship bread a few years ago.


******Christmas * * * * * *

I like to add a candle head Santa each year. I have so many sometimes I do not know if I already have it or not.
This one is so cute and was only 39 cents. I just had to purchase it.

IMG_1038The Christmas ornament is a Scottie Dog 39 cents also that will hopefully some day soon have the name RIO on is for Jane and Mara for their Doggie for Christmas.


Here is little Rio 8 years ago already!


****************Scrapbooking ********************

I also enjoy scrapbooking and purchased ribbon for 39 cents each and the Autumn Stickers for 79 cents which have sunflowers and squirrels.


IMG_1035My final purchases were books

Christmas Memories A Folk Art Celebration  79cents

Christmas Cats Lesley Anne Ivory

Halloween Crafts book called Ghostly Frights for Halloween Nights

and a Spanish/English dictionary 99c


I have been collecting blue glass for years. Two days a clear glass pitcher with a beautiful blue glass handle was bumped off the table and went crashing to the floor. I purchased this pitcher to replace it for $8.99. It is a little more expensive than I would like but … oh well.IMG_1032

You can see the cabinet I have filled with blue glass.  I have wanted to take every piece out and wash the inside shelves…..I finally did it a few days ago while I was recovering from my back. It took a lot longer because I had to move slowly. I got it done and it looks wonderful. I can now turn the inside light on in the evening and feel good about the collection.


This glass does not match anything I have but again it was 39c so I got it. Often the blue glassware is about $1.69 so I did not pass on it. It will get used.

IMG_1042Does this look familiar to anyone? My mom used a sprinkle bottle when she ironed the clothes back in the 60s. A bit of nostalgia for this old gal!

There are two items still out in my car. An amazing Nutcracker wooden gate that could go in front of a fireplace when not in use.

I window with quilt pieces in the glass panes. It is older and was 14.99. I like it though. I may freshen it up a bit but I thought it would motivate me to possibly make something similar.

I hope you enjoyed my little thrifting treasures. It makes me happy. If you have thrifted any items similar to these feel free to comment and add a link to your post. HAPPY THRIFTING!

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Thrifted Sunbonnet Sue wall hanging

April 24, 2013

Thrifted Sunbonnet Sue wall hanging

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

It is another one of those….I just can’t pass this up pieces.




I picked up the opal glass dish too! For $1.99. I have a cup that goes with it.

IMG_1571Here are the rest of my treasures! It made for a really fun morning.

Spring Thrifting

March 11, 2013


It was a thrifting day today. The table is filled with finds from last week and today.


I think the picture is scrunched because I loaded it in full size. Click to see large view.

I found a 2nd black Pyrex piece today.


Barbed Wire and Yellow Split Casserole Dishes

It is called Barbed Wire and goes great with the Compass piece I found last week.


I now have two black Pyrex pieces!

The yellow dish above I saw at a Flower shop. I was not going to buy but then I saw a red slash through it and it was 50 percent off. I paid only$3.25.

They both are split casserole dishes.

Neither of them had lids. I do though have some from other pieces I can use.

The blue butterfly tablecloth I already had. I pulled it out to cover the card table but as you can see it is not large enough! I love the soft pastel colors though. I am so ready for soft colors of Spring.



It even came with a darning needle.

The spools of thread I got last week and the darning threads I picked up today.

((((((((((((Painted Easter Eggs Are So Fabulous!))))))))))))))))


I really like these decorated Easter eggs.

They all came in one big bag. I usually pick one up here and there.

The price was less than two dollars for the entire lot.

IMG_0758I have had an Easter tree since I lived in Germany and my family there had one.  See those cute little carrots! I am not certain what I am going to do with them. I’ll have to get creative.

IMG_0759   The stationary products will be Easter presents that will be going out in the mail

I have also been purchasing the Harry Potter books when I can find them at a decent price. I saw them at Unique 2-3 weeks ago and they wanted $4.99. I thought that was ridiculous for a thrift store. I found book 5 today for $1.99. Much better.

IMG_0760     IMG_0775

Now I only need 3 more. Books 2,6,and 7 then I will have the entire set.


IMG_0761  The cup is going in my son’s Easter basket. The Sock Money and Elephant  kit will be in mine. Have you ever seen a sock elephant before?

IMG_0755I found some great fabric and linen pieces that will be stored in my vintage suitcase collection. The third case is empty…but not for long.

I need to figure out how to take the musty smell out of the case. I think I will fill it will dryer sheets… although we haven’t been using them in a while.

IMG_0770   I could not pass up another bonnet pot holder. Not for 29 cents. IMG_0764Both of these sunflower linens I was thinking of adding to my Sunflower quilt. The top white stitched piece has a small hole in it just above the right flower.


I saw a wool grey sweater yesterday at the thrift for $4.99 that would have made some fantastic wool crafts. I am hoping it will still be there when that color price tag is on sale. Each week is a new color.


The felted bird will get packed away until next Christmas.
It is really really really cute!!!

IMG_0767          IMG_0774So I am ready to start decorating for Easter. I found a few gift cards. This one here is for Grandpa H.

My Easter tree is going to look so pretty. I saw the cutest paper mache miniature baskets today. I can’t buy everything though. I spent less than $15.00 today. If you note on the top photo I got a pair of Nike summer sandals for my son. All last summer I wished he had had some. He had grown out of his from the season before.

I love thrifting.

Todays January Thrift Purchases

January 13, 2009

January Thrift purchase

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I was able to get out of the office a little early today and picked up my son from school and off to the local thrift we went. We took his older brother back to college yesterday and had to stop and get a few school supplies. A one subject Mean notebook was $4.99. I just about died. I picked up a 5 subject today for 69 cents. The older son needs notebooks and the younger one needs child safe scizzors…SCORE! I have a hard time finding the magazine holders even in office supply stores. I nabbed these up as quickly as possible. Scizzors 99 cents each (probably not that big a savings but then I justify it by thinking…well I am supporting my local thrift!) Mag holders for 3 ring binders 99 cents as well.




I like blue glass. The baking dish was $3.99 but as you can see I had a 20 percent off coupon for my entire order. That gave me an additional 3.77 off my total.


The piece on the left I already had. Now I have two Anchor baking dishes. The smaller one looks just a little darker.



I needed a pair of black shoes so badly. Now if I just don’t wear them out in the snow. The shoes were $9.99 less 20 percent…so $8.00. They don’t look worn at all. It is probably the most expensive pair of shoes I have purchased. I really needed them though. I got the best pair of brown boots last year for even a little less. They are may favorite pair of winter shoe wear. They have high heels though… it’s getting tougher to do as I get older!

I haven’t been able to wear my only pair of black shoes that go with pants. The leather on the heel peeled off. I was wondering if I could get it  replaced??? On T.V. recently they spoke about all the people who are taking their shoes to a cobbler.I have always taken my shoes in to replace the heels… in fact I have about 3 pair that need to go in now!

The reason I went thrifting today... need thread....but white thread mainly!

The reason I went thrifting today... need thread....but white thread mainly!


The thread and needles came in one plastic bag for 99 cents. The center spool is green so I had to add it to the thread garland I put together for the holidays.

The needles are interesting and something I need… self threading needles.

I didn’t even know they made such a thing.


I feel pretty good about my purchases today. I love it when I can get a new pair of thrifted shoes in mint condition plus all the other items for 1/4 the cost of a pair of shoes in a regular store.



This says credit card but it was my bank debit card. Using a credit card would defeat the purpose of going to a thrift store. I debate in my head the needs vs the wants. I really didn’t need an extra baking dish. I did need the shoes. I really didn’t need the thread. I do need the needles. The magazine holders come in handy and help my ultimate goal of having items organized! I said goal……it doesn’t happen usually. The boys will use the school supplies. All in all I really did do well.

I have a list of things I want to find…

1. cross country ski boots for small boys size 2! His pair from last year no longer fit.

2. My co-worker wants me to keep an eye your for Hanna Anderson Ski Sweaters for her boys.

3. My sister wants me to keep an eye out for ice hockey skates for her 15 year old son…size 10 – 11.

4. I do need white thread!

That’s all I can think of at this point. Time to put the little one to bed. Nite All!

Owl Tree Ornament

November 23, 2008

Owl Tree Ornament

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I purchased this at a thrift store for 49 cents. It was the first owl item I’ve purchased. I am now passionate about
the hunt for small owl items.



This one is a painted rock. It was also purchased at a thrift store a few weeks ago.


I really like this one…… Maybe it just reminds me of “Mom and Son”!

I love thrifting with a passion. I now have a number of owls. I want to paint a shadow box and put them inside in a small grouping.

I picked up a house box that I want to paint. Heaven knows when I will ever get around to it.

Items I collect.

Lavender hankerchiefs were one of my first collections. I would get them at Antique stores. This was before I really knew about thrift stores!

Wood Carved Santa Tree Ornaments. They were popular a few years back. I rarely see them any more.

Vintage quilting fabric, quilts and stuffed items made out of old quilts…teddy bears, rabbit, heart shape.. more teddy bears.


Small porcelain dolls that I have hanging from a small Christmas tree.

Small Sewing Machines i.e. pencil sharpener

Hard Cover Suitecases. I have two. One I picked up at a garage sale this past year…filled with embroidered items, fabric and vintage table cloths..for $4.00!

My most recent thrift store purchase was a large trunk. I will try and photograph it soon. It needs to be cleaned…. My Dad said a little bleach in water should take the musty smell away. We could use it to put toys in….or some of my quilts! I just don’t want to put the quilts in unless I can get the smell out of the box.

I have in this past year been able to pick up some scrapbooking supplies.

I’ll write more…time to put the little one to bed!


He wanted me to add this. His Eric Carle collection of books.




Although we didn’t read Eric Carle tonight. We are on the second book of the Merlin Trilogy. He is pointing at the work awkwardly. It’s a word that is a little tough for a 1st grader! We’ve been reading by flashlight this past week. It is fun and helps with the wind down process… many lights off as possible….it’s magic…like Merlin the magician! Nite.