Quilt Inventory

Quilt Inventory:

Here is a compilation of quilts that are in my life! I would love to note the prices I paid for quilts I have purchased. Can you imagine calculating the cost incurred on making some of these?

I would also like to have an idea of when I made some of these. I don’t have labels on many of them because most are still works in progress. All my labels would read Jan 1989 to October 2008!

Quilts I’m making or have made.

1. 1978 Jean Quilt

2. Maple Leaf Appliqué 1970s

3. Cordoroy Trip Around The World ***

4. Tulip Quilt with pink and blue border.

5. Diamond string quilt,  

Pink Block  March 1st 2009 progress shotblogged,   March 28, 2012 , March 9 2013,

6. Eisenhower Star (100% hand stitched)

7. Ocean Waves in light purple

8. Log Cabin

9. 1989 Baby Quilt Lilac tones/Blogged: For the birth of my son.

10. Red School House Baby size quilt made during class in So Mpls at Glad Creations in the mid to late 1980s.

I think Judy was in the class but I did not know her then.

Here it is in the quilt hutch my dad made for me.

The quilts listed prior to this were pre-Babes quilts. The Tuesday quilt group I am still in  that started around 1992.

11. Plaid Stripes / Double Hour Glass Quilt with Antique Buttons

12. Second DHG Quilt – gift given to my niece Emily. Buttons from her Great Great Grandmother.

13. Jon’s PM Precious Moments blue baby boy  quilt with those triangle corners…around the edge…what’s the name. Not sawtooth? I’m losing my mind!  My sister collected PM for a long time so this was fitting for Jon.

14. 1995 Indian Star

15. 1995 30s Ninepatch

16. Maple Leaf Exchange by Tuesday Quilters  the top is done and backing is compete March 9 2008

17. Maple Leaf Wall Hanging Small Quilt

18. Patriotic Stars Row by Row (Twin Size) Was in a quilt show with other Row By Row quilts…. my first quilt in a show WOW Sept 2001

Patriotic Stars on Flickr

*** The Row I made on Jan’s Amish Quilt – Square in a square. I had never worked in Amish fabrics before.

19. Plaid Tree border quilt Exchange

%%%% 3 quilts I purchased off EBay

20. Helen Thorn Fall Season Class Quilt/Autumn Sampler Quilt posted photo 11-11-08

21. *** Scrappy Stars Quilt Group Exchange 2008Flickr

22. Christmas Cardinal Class Quilt – gift I gave to my mother

Here is a photo of it on my mother’s bed.

23. Seasons in the Sun (Tuesday Quilters Year Group Project)

24.Prairie Point Precious Moments childrens quilt -given to nephew Jonathen

25. *** JYNKZ color marker quilt blocks made with my oldest son.

26.  Crayon Quilts Class I taught at my son’s elementary school.

*** Ragged Hearts Quilt- Made in multiple. Given to Tori for Isabel One in blue before she was born….a second in pink after she was born!

27. Blue Ragged Heart   (Flickr)given to Isabel before we knew she was a girl! Closeup

28. Red Ragged Heart (Flickr)given to Elysia

29. Pink 9 Ragged Hearts (Flickr)given to Isabel after “she” was born. With the two of themAt Easter.

30. Marie’s Yellow Scrap Quilt with crayon drawings photo 2007, photo 2013 Flickr

31. Yellow Rows of Scraps Quilt started at same time as Marie’s photo from 2013 Flickr

Plan for 2013

32. West Wind Blue Challenge Block Midsize Quilt

33. Batik Fish WOW Quilt

34. Batik Quilt from entire bag of scraps given to me by Barb H in Tues Quilt group gals

Blocks WON at the WOW quilt guild meeting Batik Fish

35. Patriotic 9-patch with Blue Rows Quilt  Around 2001 with baby

36. Triple Irish Chain for Erica’s HS Graduation

37.  Miniature Red Heart Quilt.

38. Autumn Bulls Eye Babe’s Exchange….Here is what Jan did with her blocks it is a great variation.

39**** Tied Flag Quilt

40. Hollow Cube Babe’s Exchange

41. Free Piecing Brights 2008

42. Free piecing green and tan

43. Basket Signature Small Quilt

44. Ragged Heart Christmas Quilt….Given to Judy as Christmas Quilt BABES

45. Star wall hanging size Christmas Quilt given to Barb B as Christmas Quilt BABES

46. Christmas Quilt Machine Appliqued Gingerbread etc… Given to Sharyn R as Christmas Quilt BABES

47. Music Quilt in Red and Black for Leah and Ben

48. Ragged Easter Egg mini quilt 2007   see #20 for hearts in ragged style. Feb 26, 2012March 3 2012,

49. Scrappy Bargello Quilt 2008 inspired by Quiltville.com Dec 4 2010, June 19 2011, Feb 8 2012,

early Flickr photo

50. 4 Patch Doll Quilt Oct 2008

51. Sunflower CQR / Crazy Quilting Revisited 2008 where I met online Jude Hill and her Spirit Cloth (she opened up a whole new quilting world to me)

4th 49 patch

Sunflower Quilt Project Group

52. *** see doll quilts catagory below

53. Many Trips Around the World started Jan 8 2009

Mom wants this one now! Dec 5 2012

54. Patriotic 4-patch Table Runner  2009 finished June 29 1020

55. Coin Quilt 2009-2010 This is a fun quilt to work on. March 28 2012 ,

56. Flag Exchange here is Jan’s

57. Christmas Babe’s Exchange

58. Cabin Tracks Exchange like in Jan’s Quilt here

On May 6 2009 Jan in my Tuesday quilt group died of breast cancer. Our group was unable to do a group exchange for years.

This is a marker in my quilting history. I began to get more involved in internet exchanges to fill this void in my life.

I also spent a lot of time uploading quilts that Jan had made. You can do a search on Flickr “Jan’s Quilts 2009”

***** Internet Australia’s Bush Fire Quilt Project  Feb 10, 2009, Barb’s Blocks

I fell in love with this block so I kept it.

59. Internet Spiderweb Bee Quilt 2010 Started a new blog just for this quilt project. Here is the Spiderbee Group

Projects in process March 31 2010, March 31 2012 sewed 3rd row ,  April 7 2012 5th row and border begin


60. Yellow Easter Bird Quilt Spring Bird Nests

61. African American Memory Quilt  1st block

62.Mary Ann’s Triple Irish Chain 5-16-2010

63. Square in a square in a square Valentines table runner or LONG quilt!

64. Pictoral Quilt – Barefoot Earth Tales study in greens and trees March 27 2010

65. Volcano Batik Quilt Church Art Show April 27 2011

66. Red and Blue quilt block influenced by Anna Williams Feb 20, 2012

67. Ileene’s Heart Quilt March 25 2012

68. Babe’s Exchange Red and Black Nov 16, 2010 our first exchange since Jan died.

July 19 2012 – Invasion of the MAN CAVE photo!

AAB Add A Border Group on internet.

** AAB Basket Weave starter block

** AAB Red Blue Our Love starter block

** AAB Rosie the Robot2nd round

**AAB Pastel Strip Batik2nd round

** AAB Leftovers Again I did round two

**AAB The Morning After   starter block

69. Low Volume Quilt A Long, progress Sept 8 2012

70. Strip Obsession Exchange Babe’s Sept 5, 2012

71. Christmas Star I finished for myself

Projects I worked on in 2012

72. Star tablerunner for Tori

73. String Heart Quilt Jan 21,  2013


Quilts given to me as gifts.

1. Double wedding ring pieces/Grandma Lulu Blogged

2. Blue border Tulip blocks/Grandma Lulu -from under her bed

3. Trip Around the World Flannel/Grandma Stang – quilt to each family made of flannel pajama fabrics

4. Satin Green and Golden Whole Cloth Reversible/ Kay – St Francis Xavier Church Quilt

5. Grandma Martha Vintage Quilt/Nursing Home Blogged

6. Double Wedding Ring as Christmas Gift/Mass produced quilt/G&R

7. Pink Wall Hanging Quilt given to me a Christmas Gift/Barb B BABES

8. Farm Quilt: Log Cabin variation Our Bedroom

Blogged Farm Quilt Repair

9. Farm Quilt: Vintage Cracker Quilt

10. Jan’s Sunflower Wall Quilt May 2009 picture on Flickr

11. Jan’s Church Quilt

12. Welcome Table Mat Jan’s

13. Jan’s Tied miniature quilt. (3 vintage pillows pig, Santa)

14. Jan’s HST Half Square Triangles (given to me from Susie as blocks not put together yet.)

15. French Floral fabrics and leftover blocks like hers here

16. Quilt Kit given to me from Nancy B in quilt group. Postage Stamp

17. DWR Amish Sunflower Table runner from Mom and Kay


18. Farm Quilt 8 Pointed Star on Flickr

and closeup

19. Kitty’s Bears Paw Christmas Mini Quilt

Quilts/Quilt Tops I’ve Purchased

1. Waxahatchi Snowball Purchased as a top

also Blogged Jan 30 2009

2. Waxahatchi String Tulip

3. Waxahatchi TX Red Tulip Bulb Top

4. Waxahatchi Dresden Plate Top

5. Pink and Blue Sunbonnet Sue and Country Sam

6. Sunbonnet Sam in Overalls Tied Quilt purchased $74.55 Oct 28 2000. Old Stuff Antiques, Walker MN

7. Vintage Hawaiian Quilt

The next three butterfly quilts I photographed together

8.Butterfly top Purple background

9. Butterfly Finished Quilt (Two tone background)

10. Butterfly top light green Butterflies in a rectangle

11.  Eddie Bauer HOME Seaside Blues quilt Flickr photo July 5 2008   Thrifted $14.99

12. Double Wedding Ring Top with Orange accents

13. Christmas Tree Quilt Green and Red

14. Crazy Quilt in 40s Fabric back

15. Bow Tie  Thrift store purchased March 18, 2009 for  $9.99 Cute Shot of Lady Bug fabric

16. Santa Giving Reindeer an Apple Dec 2009 Thrift Shop

17. Vintage Tied Lap Quilt Red and white print center with 4 inch dark blue border. May 16 2009

18. So Mpls Reverse Tied Antique Crazy Quilt Fulton County Fair 1919 for $49.99 purchased at an antique store

19. May 2009 30s Cats and Dogs with Green sashing summer weight quilt.

Value Village Thrift Store 12.99 less $5.00 off coupon !

20. Vintage Star Quilt on Pink background Setp 12 2009 AC purchase

21. Sunbonnet Quilt Albertville Creamery Pink Sashing with Blue Cornerstones  Purchased $20.00 Oct 31 2009 Blogged 


22. 30s Maple leaf Tied Quilt  Oct 7 2010

23. Orange Sunbonnet Sue/Sam Nov 16 2010 Thrifted Flickr

24. Lime Green Star with Missing Polka Dot Sashing 9 photos on Flickr

25. Historic Military Wool Cot Quilt purchased at Antique Store Feb 20 2011

26. Tulip Floral with no binding $7.99 finished and gave to Kay

27. Magic Square or Card Trick yellow with chain appearance diagonally across quilt

(2009  Grand Total tallied so far 72 and believe me there are more!)

28. Tea Towel Quilt with Wise Old Owl saying.

29. Judi Boisson Star Quilt thrifted for $1.49 Dec 2012

30. Framed Miniature log cabin quilt Jan 28, 2013 $1.99

31. Flying Birds Vintage Blue Shirting Quilt

32. 4 X Vintage quilt in soft pinks and greens with Sunflower yellow sashing.. so Soft

33. Vintage Sheet garage sale child’s quilt

34. Summer Floral $2.99

35. Satin Binding Vintage Quilt $17.99 and then half price

*************** 3-13-13 updating list.******************

photo of my vintage quilts hanging together 2009

Blogged by another blogger.

Quilt Blocks I have purchased or inherited… blocks I dream about making into quilts but it may never happen. I enjoy looking at the blocks though. They don’t have to make it to quilt stage to be appreciated!!! 3-13-13

1. Nose Gay

2. Green Tulip Block

3.Girl with Balloon Block 2008 Antique Store Purchase

4. ATW Pillow cover

5. Sailboat blocks 2007 Quilt Show

6. Hexagon paper piece

Doll Quilts will be my focus this year 2013 Here are Doll quilts and some small wall size quilts

Here are some of my earlier doll quilts I have made.

1. Red Miniature quilt 1997 made on retreat with Bonnie

2. Carrot quilt for a stuffed Bunny 2008 …it so great to bring out at Easter

3. Poinsettia Christmas wall quilt made around the same time as Mom’s Cardinal quilt

4. Blue and Yellow Zig Zag Mini

5. Heart Doll Quilt made in 2009 for a charity quilt with Teddy Bear

Here is a clearer picture of it.

6. Red Heart Quilt paper pieced

7. Some of the miniature and Doll quilts I have including Amish Square in a Square top.

8. Red quilt  July 2012 ,

9. 4patch Doll Quilt completed March 2013

10. Pink Basket with Buttons…not even started yet but I have to make it! 3-13-13

**************************************************************************** total 142

Quilts in my family.

1. Ken’s military QOV on Flickr   and closeups

2. Jenna’s photo grad quilt 2009 brown with pink polka dots tied

3. Jo’s Polyester quilt

4. Jo’s Utility Quilt *viewed 546 times on Flickr 3-13 Cordoroy tied quilt

5. Carol’s Church Tied Quilt

6. Grandma Martha’s Spiderweb Mini Quilt



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