Q_uilted T_hrifted A New Adventure

Summers and Quilting

Summers and Quilting

The unexpected.

The unexpected. Grandma's Flower Garden

My miracle.

My miracle.

Antique and Vintage Quilts:
Vintage Quilts

Vintage Quilts

This quilt is tufted. It is a crazy quilt and has movement in all directions. This little guy is my miracle. He also has movement in all directions. I like the orange in this quilt. It was one of the reasons I felt compelled to purchase it. I started a collection a few years back of vintage orangeware. I have not studied the manufacturer or maker of the items. I imagine that time will come in my life. I just like it. I just recently purchased 3 egg cups that are  orange and a  few containers. Orange is not  the only color I enjoy

This is the beginning. My love for quilting is where this all begins. I like scraps of fabric. I like color. I like sewing. I like being creative. I like learning. I like the hunt when going to antique stores and thrift shops. I like looking at a quilt someone else made and wondering why did this person do this in this particular way? What was going on in this person’s life at the time this was worked on? What influenced this person in choosing the colors and the layout? Was there a need (as in this photo) to use a thin blanket as the batting? Is the thinness because the quilter wanted it as a summer weight quilt? I like noticing the variation in stitch length. I like seeing a piece in a place I wouldn’t have expected. I like quilts.


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