Quilting Wish List

I like antique and vintage quilts. I like collecting quilts. I like repairing quilts. I like designing them.

I have made many Galleries ((((236)))   in Flickr of things I love and enjoy. 3-14-13

Gallery 5 Quilt Ladders   oh do I ever want one!

1. Polka Dots  see all the fabric I have!

2. Plaid

3. Shirtings

4. all metallics

5. miniatures galore……bow tie

6. mini baskets  with buttons

7. T-shirt quilt

8. Wagga from clothes/Sweater Quilt

9. Eagle – patriotic

10. using a Pyrex pattern

11. Galapagos Turtle

12. Sea Shell inspired

13.vintage teatowel or doilies

14.Scottie Dog

15.Jean pockets quilt

16.Spirit cloth with black and white checks – Kantha – Couching – fabric weaving

Gallery 2 Quilt Wraps

17.collage art quilt – with painted squared – bleaches – hand dyed – calendar fabric

Gallery 8 Words on Quilts currently on pg 20

18.photo quilt

19.shot cottons

20.pieced flower

21.rik rak quilt

22.Tree of Life

23.scrappy log cabin

24.Color wheel


26.applique on a pieced cream background

27.Chair quilt

Gallery 3 Chair Luv

28.Orange Lion Quilt

Gallery 4 Luv of Orange

29.Mondo Bird Quilt – Free piece study



32.Floral bouquet

33.hand quilt


35.Wagon Wheel


37. Owls

Gallery 1 Owls

38. Star Wars

39. Harry Potter



Gallery 6 Button Luv

42.Linen. Look how wonderful this one is.

43. Wool


Gallery 7 Trip Around the World – quilt in progress. Top almost complete 3-13-13


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