4-Patch Exchange

I had misplaced my bag of 4-patches. I knew they were around somewhere! I found them in the corner of the bedroom on the MAN side of the room buried under a sleep apnea machine and supplies (which never gets used – and should!!!!!) I got to playing this morning immediately with a layout. The quilt is supposed to be finished for a quilt shop show/display in November.IMG_3040

I quickly went into layout mode this morning. I was thinking if I made the alternate block white I could use up some of the white fabrics I have. I don’t think there is enough contrast. I think I will make a trip to the quilt store and get some gray fabric for a  layout like Deb Bear’s inspiration quilt I fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on it.  Deb blogged about her quilt here.


I drafted the butterfly block and made a few blocks. A few weeks later I was making another butterfly block and I realized I missed putting the light fabric in the bottom corners.

6 hours of dilly dallying

On April 15th I had completed my set of 4 patches and was anxious for the big exchange.

A proud moment


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2 Responses to “4-Patch Exchange”

  1. Deb Says:

    I really like your blocks! I’m excited to see the top put together! I do believe it is going to be prettier than what I did!!:)

  2. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Deb, I rarely complete a quilt so we shall see what the future brings. I love your quilt. I love it so much I want to make one just like it. The only thing that might be better is that I am making mine with the women in my quilt group. The 4 patches are from an exchange and I would put money on it that 90% of them went out and purchased new fabrics. Even if they didn’t purchase new their stash is much newer than mine. You and I think a lot alike in that we want to use up as much of our scrap fabrics as possible. My blocks were all made from fabric in my stash. If some of the other women chose to not use my blocks or adapt them that is ok with me. I love seeing all of their fabrics though! The joy of being in an exchange. I get to see some new fabrics in a quilt that is my own.

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