November 2nd Thrift Haul

I am always excited for Merry Thriftmas at Value Village.  I made it in the afternoon of the first day. My hope was to find a kneehugger but no luck. I put many many items into my cart and then before I went to the checkout I did take half of it out.

IMG_1087Merry Thriftmas

I am happy to have added another Santa Head candleholder to my collection.  He is hard to see in the above photo but he is in blue tones. This one is very different from the others that I have.

IMG_1084I think I need the one with the bald headed Santa but of course I did not purchase it because I wanted to check to see which ones I have already. It is no longer there but……… I know I will find one at some time!
IMG_1085This piece did not come home with me because I have it already but a bowl did.
IMG_1086I kind of wish I would have purchased these three but I have two already. I am fortunate to have purchase one that still has the plastic lid to it. I have only seen the lid once and I grabbed it and quickly purchased it. The scientist who invented corningware glass died this week at 99 years of age.  <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>…</a>
IMG_1088This container filled with bulbs was so sturdy. The bulbs are not my colors so I ended up not buying it but I thought about it because the box would have been a really nice storage container.
IMG_1089I like both of these so much but….


Pom Pom and Rick Rack LUV!

I just can’t buy everything. Thank goodness for taking pics. I do like collection ideas!!!! I can add pom poms to same dish  towels and rick rack is a favorite of mine!
My sister has given me so many Christmas fabrics I know I could to something like the Santa above.

Temptation - Both my Boys Names Start With K!

Temptation – Both my Boys Names Start With K!



Some day I will make some crazy quilted Christmas stockings like this one.



Christmas Calendars

***** I need to get mine out of storage so I am ready for December 1st!  I really do like these Calendars. I first was introduced to them while traveling in Germany.  I like the idea of counting the days ’til Christmas.



After spending quite a bit of time a one Value Village I headed over to another.

The second one I went to tends to have higher prices.

Opaque Dishes: I have an extensive collection of Pyrex along with a few pieces of Fire King. If the sugar bowl and creamer had been in another pattern I would have purchased them. I have the

Fire King Primrose (Pink and Red flowers)







I see so many of these solid opaque split servers. I have one already. There is no way I would have purchased this server for $4.49. I think I picked mine up for $1.69.


IMG_1102IMG_1103Again – the cups are  too expensive for my tastes.


IMG_1109IMG_1110The black marking is from Unique thrift stores. I purchased the at Value Village and paid even more than what it was prices for at Unique. I hope to have a Christmas tree at some time filled with photo frames. I also want to have a Valentines tree filled with red hearts. The center frame with work for both.


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