I love jumping in the car and going for a ride

We came upon this structure…

Taking a Friday car ride
at first we were not going to get out of the car but we really had to.
It is an amazing piece of art.
In a two year time period it is supposed to be taken down. Noooooooo!  Check out the website listed in this pic for a fantastic blog on the building process of the structure.
I tell you if he gets any bigger he is not going to fit through doorways!
Looking out over the fields
and farmland.
Looking up
It is really an amazing structure. How fun it would have been to see it being built.
Taking a look at the base of the structure
The structure is embedded in the ground. It is fascinating to take a real close up look.



2 Responses to “I love jumping in the car and going for a ride”

  1. Deb Says:

    Thanks for sharing here and on Flickr!! This is so fascinating ,and creative! Deb Bear

  2. MaryLiz Schoenfeld Says:

    I really like this sculpture/structure! The curving lines are elegant. Thanks for a great set of photos. 🙂

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