Spinning round and round

I have wanted to start this for so long
I am very excited about a new quilt I started on May 25th – It is an idea that has been in my head for a few years now.


I'd like to focus on lilacs and lily of the valley
I am going to follow the colorwheel with  blue – purple- red – orange – yellow- green – and back to blue

Are you starting to feel dizzy?

Red is the easiest color to work with. I seem to have a lot of red fabrics.  I pulled the orange fabrics I have and tried to sort them by the orange fabrics that were darker with red tones to the ones that have more of a yellow tone to them.
I intend to have the music fabric on the lower side and then on the top.

Really, I do need to get ready for work!

I don’t know if you can see it yet but the top and bottom of the light spiral is in cream tones the sides have more white.

I am hoping this will give it more depth.

A stash find. Guess what I am thinking?

On June 6th I was able to go outside for a while and cut a few more strips of fabrics.

This is so exciting!

It is wonderful to be outside this time of year.




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