Thrifting Thursday

Thrifting Thursday

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I went to 3 thrift shops today. The first store I walked away with a few photos of DWD Pyrex and a tear in my eye. The second shop 5 items
Book Fire Star for our son 1.49
Correlle Dinner plates X4 at 49c each not shown
Lid for 043 for 49c
The Pink Egg cup 29c
Ceramic Egg 49c
the last store I was hoping the BFG was still there and it was 3.99 403
and the Old Orchard the same size and price.
I found my first ENGLAND Pyrex $4.99
The bird Egg cup 99c
The small black and white dish 39c
a Pink scrapbook 99c
File folder labels 29c
largest priced item a purse that zips closed and will fit my iPad $7.99
The Flamingo Pyrex I purchased a while back but just recently took out of the packaging and washed them up. I hope to make a table runner and get ready for a nice table setting for Spring!


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