Thrifting Treasures


So you see the knot in the wood plank on the deck. It jumps out at me. Leads down to the woodchucks, hedgehogs, and racoons under the deck. Good thing I don’t see an eye looking back at me!

Thrifting Treasures

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Thursday after work I was able to stop by one of my favorite thrift shops. I haven’t been there in months and months! I did find some treasures and a necessity (the pants for our son).

IMG_3259  I paid $3.99 for them. Levi 501s. I just had to growing child put them on and they fit. Only thing is they button up instead of have a zip which I hadn’t noticed. It will be OK. He’ll grow out of them in a couple months anyway!

I am so lucky to have found another Southern Belle embroidery piece.

IMG_3266    I will add it to this collection.


I really enjoy going to thrift stores….a treasure hunt….

IMG_3257  I found this pillow top. My idea on these has always been to make quilted animals like teddy bears, cats, pigs, and rabbits!

I have picked up vintage stuffed animals made out of quilts for 30 plus years.

While I was searching for them on eBay way back when it was one of the first searches that brought me to Flickr.

I hadn’t heard of Flickr before and was weary about the entire concept of putting my photos on the internet. I am so glad I did because very few days go by that I don’t check in with friends I have made and to go check out my favorite blogs.

My most favorite being Spirit Cloth by Jude Hill.

IMG_3265My best friend’s dad died this month. He suffered from Lewy Bodies Dementia. It has been a long road for my friend and her family. Now her mom is suffering from depression and has been hospitalized with pneumonia and now is doing physical therapy in  nursing care. Her daughter’s email and interest has been with purple butterflies. I found these and they will be so perfect for both of them. I will think of them every time I see these until they find their way to them.


I like that they have the clips on the back side.

IMG_3260   IMG_3262A few sewing supplies at fabulous prices!!!!!!! The thread is an incredible find! I need it sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_3263and to top it all off a black bracelet. They bring the little girl back in me….dress up and feelin’ pretty.

and since life isn’t about acquiring things it is about enjoying life and acknowledging the wonders around us

my summer has been filled with walks around the lake, going to our favorite lake swimming and taking a friend along, we went to a new to us outdoor pool, riding our bikes, visiting Grandma, Jane’s grad party and her going off to college gathering! (We are so proud of you!) Kyle’s modeling career ( seeing him on TV in commercials, on the cover of a sports magazine) observing his maturing and taking on added responsibilities in life ( dealing with damage to his car without us taking over), he has also helped with coaching with dad of his younger brother in football, we  were introduced to his girlfriend and enjoy our time with them. We all went out for breakfast for dad’s birthday and had such a wonderful time.  One weekend when daddy was at a guys weekend away golfing we went  with Auntie Julie  to a fun pizza place where we watched the pizza cook in a stone fireplace, I had a very nice evening with friends on another restaurant.

IMG_3268  I planted tomato seeds in the early Spring and I have had thousands of tomatoes over the summer. We are still enjoying them late in the season.


and the onions I planted in the flower box are now being diced into omelets and salads, Mmmmmmmmm

IMG_3269  My strawberry planter was filled with some of the plants I transferred from my dad’s a few years ago. I like having them up on the deck and seeing them from the kitchen sliding glass door.

The deck plants this year were mainly plants from the flower beds and from down by the lake.

IMG_3273and there are just a few grapes on the grapevines in the back yard. I planted them 17 years ago and they are full and bringing us wonderful color at this time of year. It is a shaded area so I doubt the plants will ever get many grapes but I think they are beautiful.

My dad planted the original vines 50 plus years ago at the homestead. I enjoy having a bit of mom and dad here in my backyard……a bit of home at my home.

If you stop by leave a note or just say hi! I’ll come over to your blog and pay a visit as well.  Leave a link. Happy thrifting! Happy LIFE!

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One Response to “Thrifting Treasures”

  1. jeanniemaries Says:

    A lovely read! I especially loved the prices for your sewing items and your tomatoes. I cannot grow them for the life of me. I will keep trying but I’m a bit jealous!!

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