Playing amongst the tulips

Playing amongst the tulips

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IMG_2261The tulips were prime this morning.

IMG_2247I saw this butterfly flitting around but upon closer look it is two butterflies

the one on the left is stuck to the one on the right.

Now it may be a reproductive thing…I don’t know.

IMG_2258I do know this third one came around and was somewhat aggressive toward the other two.

IMG_2260I did some weeding and removal of old leaves from last year while I watched them all dance.

My first reach into the lilies to pull some dead leaves and a toad jumps scaring the daylights out of me.

It happens every year. I wonder if it is the same toad! I tried to get a picture but he was so frightened I felt sorry for the guy and let him be.

IMG_2262The Forsythia is flowering as well.

There is a lot of yellow out front at this time.

IMG_2263By the time I had finished weeding and cutting dandelions (200 plus) out of the yard

I could tell the tulips were struggling from the heat.

I was too in fact!

IMG_2264Dad’s birdhouses stayed out all winter.

There are six hydrangea plants along this row.

Only one looks like it may not have survived.

IMG_2265By 4pm it was 99 degrees outside and the tulips had wilted completely.

The petals haven’t dropped but by morning I would imagine they will be on the ground.


IMG_2267I walked down to the lake.

My youngster biked home from school by himself today. I had to keep myself from jumping on the bike to meet him half way.

He did it just fine. We then went to an orientation at his school for middle school next year and then biked over to the middle school for an open house and demonstrations from the different programs going on at the school throughout the year.

There was also a small talent show. We knew a lot of students and parents from the other 9 elementary schools that will feed into this middle school. We talked to a neighbor for quite a while and then we biked home. It was about a 20 minute bike ride and it was dark by the time we reached home. Our next door neighbors were out watching the moon rise over the lake with their children. We chatted with them for a while.

It has been such a nice day even with the wilting of the tulips.


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