Block #10 Butterflies

Block #10 Butterflies

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It has been one of those glorious Spring days! We have waited a long time for a day like today!

IMG_2130The sun was shining so brightly and my son had today off school so after finishing my yellow block for my current quilt project we headed to the zoo!


IMG_2132My son could not quite grasp the concept of what I was trying to do but he cooperated. I thought the conservatory looked like a desk bell.

IMG_2136I wanted him to waive but of course he has to be James Bond!

IMG_2139Even the birds are colorful today… and yellow!

IMG_2142The entrance.


     IMG_2145   I always love seeing this rush plant. We had them down by the river growing up as a child. I went down there recently and there are still some there growing wild.


This picture show the kind of day we had today. The fragrance in this room was enough to make anyone dance!

IMG_2147     IMG_2148

IMG_2149     IMG_2150

IMG_2151   IMG_2155


Orange Tree


IMG_2190    It’s only fitting I added some bright pink just like the flowers we saw today!


and some butterflies…

IMG_2192    IMG_2191

IMG_2195The sun is setting on this wonderful day.


One Response to “Block #10 Butterflies”

  1. Karen Says:

    How fun looking at your photos! The quilts are such beautiful works of art. I especially like the photo of the sun setting behind you.
    And, the finger above the building, as if he were ‘ringing a bell.’ Lots of color in the background as you stand in the foreground.Thanks for sharing your passion.

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