Orange Chair block #9 and Black Bicycle block #8

Orange Chair block #9

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I was hoping to get some yellow blocks done today but the orange really drew me to it. I am tired tonight and it took every ounce of energy I have to get this block done. I also worked on mom’s Many Trips Around the World quilt. I would like to make some progress on it before Mother’s Day on Sunday.

IMG_2108I pulled a bin out of storage this morning

IMG_2107I was very excited to see more text fabric!

IMG_2116I started working on a yellow block

IMG_2117and then started setting down some orange fabrics.

IMG_2124pretty soon the orange was making more progress than the yellow

and I was able to add a chair from the newly found text fabric.

IMG_2118The chair was the first thing to jump out at me!

See my Chair Galleries on Flickr.

Chair Luv I, Luv II, Luv III, Luv IV, Luv V

I am making some progress on the yellow block as well.


I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

IMG_2126I am very pleased with how the orange turned out.

IMG_1957A few days ago I started a black block and had this great bicycle fabric of Jan’s


I can’t wait to get better lighting to take a picture of the whole family together!

I have wonderful photos from our Tuesday Quilter’s gathering that I will share in my next post.


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