A Rainy Snowy Day in May

Purple block #7 on a rainy-snowy day in May

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Purple block #7


I have a hard time using large scale print. When I look at a block it is all I see. I did read that a scrappy quilt needs the variation in size of print. If I space them around the quilt hopefully it will not be all I see.

I like the blue with the purple. I just made a doll quilt in these two colors.


The purple and blue is a leftover block from the quilt. I just set it in and and really like the leaf fabric with the cream background.





IMG_1947       The little flower fabric is one of my favorites. I have them in the flowerbed in my backyard and I really enjoy when they flower. This is also a leftover block from the doll quilt.

The fabric with the grasses reminds me of the rushes and cat tails we have out in front of the lake. I just had little itsy bits of this fabric and I love that it found a place in this quilt.


I like that I have been able to use my polka dot fabrics in this project and it is working. It gives the piece the playfulness that it needs.

I had a nice blend of lights and darks in purple. I really don’t have that much purple in my stash but I found enough to make a second block and not have it be all the same fabrics. MORE Happy Scrappiness!!!!

Full view - hanging from window

Here it the doll quilt I made last month using the purple and blue fabrics.


Yellow runs the diagonal of the block
Block #6 Blue Skies!


Block #6 Blue Skies is the upper right corner block of the quilt


Polka dot and kitty happiness!


I have been able to use a number of the kitty fabrics I have. I like that they are small scale because these little blocks are 1 inch finished.


Kitties in the green block


kitties in the brown block


I shot this photo last night before the purple block was finished. I will need to work on some yellow ones today or tomorrow but first I am jumping over the my AAB block so I can try to get them in the mail.


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