Galleries 101 to 200

I love the Galleries feature on Flickr.

I am making an index so I can get to them easier.

101.  Fabric for Spiderweb Quilt

102.  Nazar

103.  Journals

104.  Egg Cups  I started my own collection!

This cactus is growing wildly. I am supposed to plant it outside and it makes me nervous.

105.  March Spider Bee Blocks

106.   Stacks of Quilts II

107.    Scottie Dog LUV

108.  Swinging Landscapes

109.  Easter Quilts

110.  The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat

I have the most fantastic vintage quilt top I thrifted!

Here is a capture of the quilt

111. Chicken Scratch      and some chicken scratch I thrifted!

112. Houses and Walls Made of Stone 

113.  Gingham

114.  Vintage Sheets and Pillow Cases

115.  White Space in a Quilt

116.  Kantha

117.  Mosaics and Stepping Stones

118.  Quilt Wraps II

119.  Sunflower Quilt Inspiration. Keep Me Motivated

120.  Chair Luv III , II and I and then IV  and V

121.  Sunbonnet Sue and Farmer Sam – Overall Sam – Country Sam

122.  Golden Yellow Sunflower Luv  Quilt with sunflowers or all yellow in color.

123.  Color Wheel Quilts over 700 views

124.   Silks and Made from Ties Luv

125.  Crazy for 1 1/2 inch Strips

126.  Hand Quilts

127.  OWLS III

128.  Machine Quilting Luv II

129.  Segmented

130.  Calendar Fabric Luv

131.  Floral Bouquet

132.  Patchwork Clothing

133.  Spider Web Bee  Each person in the Bee picked out their own fabric color scheme.

134.  Scouting

135.  Prairie Points

136.  Spiderweb Quilting Inspiration – now that the top is finished I need to figure out how to quilt it!

137.  Not Your Grandmother’s Flower Garden

138.  Aprons

139.  Autumn My Favorite Time of Year

140.  I want to travel   Quilts with fabrics from all over the world.

141.  It’s All in the Quilting

142.  Sunflower Inspiration II

143.  Can You Name This Block

144.  Children Are Our Future

145.  Ileene

146.  The SPIRIT of Christmas

147. Chair LUV IV

148.  Lion Quilt Inspiration

149.  Butterfly Embroidery

150.  Inspiration for 2011

152.  Redwork

153.  Vintage Linens

154.  Mondo Bird Quilt Inspiration

155.  Patriotic Quilts II

156.  The Luv of Orange III

157.  Quilts With Words II

158.  Quilt Repair

159.  Quilts From Clothes II

160.  Sheep Luv II

Ok, I had to go get the family together.

161.  Felt Tree II

162.  T-Shirt Quilts

163.  Quilts Similar to One’s I’ve Started

164.  Chair Luv V

165.  People Quilts II

166.  Applique on Pieced Cream Background

167.  Segmented II

168.  Color Wheel Quilts II

169.  Memories

170.  I Want Some Spiders On My Quilts

171.  YoYo Quilts and Things I LUV II

172.  Cathedral Windows

173.  Chester  ( Squirrels and Chipmunks)

174.  Sunflower Inspiration III

175.  Owls IV

















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