Galleries on Flickr – I just love this feature!

My first Gallery was this one on OWLs. I suspect there was a photo by Jude but it is no longer there. I love her work so much. Maybe it will show up in a book. I hope she writes one.

I have a small collection of Owls I keep on display. Blogged about here.

I like my owl home too!

I have 4 bells as well but no recent photo. (see below added photo 4-24-13) Here is one of them. My MIL collected bells. I don’t buy bells at all unless they are owls.

owl bell

My second Owl Gallery has quilts, wall hangings and other owl items.

Some day I will make something with an owl theme.

Here is one of my S&P Owls. I love it because it reminds me of my grandma’s collection. There is S&P in the 1st gallery above.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

JAN 1 2012

The third Owl Gallery is mainly owls on fabric there is a bunting that is fantastic!

Owl Luv IV again quilts, pillows and ornaments.

I guess I love owls. They are pretty popular right now.

Here is a necklace I purchased. Wouldn’t it be cool to do a rubbing of this on fabric and then embroider around it.

Owl Luv

When I go thrifting I always keep my eyes open for Owls. I don’t like everything I see. There are just certain items that call out to me.

Update: 4-24-13

I added another bell to my collection. I also gave the metal owl necklace above to my niece for her 16th birthday. She likes owls too!

I now have five

This owl Christmas ornament started a whole new fascination.

Owl Ornament

This wooden one is really nice.

Owl Ornament

I now have at least  10 glass owl ornaments that go on their own tree. I usually keep it on a dresser in my bedroom.

New owl from my son

I like the glow of the lights and the sparkle off the tree.

I bought her last year - one for me and one for my mom.




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  1. April Thrift Haul | Quiltedthrifted's Weblog Says:

    […] I also got an owl necklace for only 10c which is cool because I just gave another owl necklace that I really liked to my niece for her birthday two weekends ago. You can see part of my owl collection here. […]

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