Thrift Store Quiltie

Thrift Store Quiltie

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I couldn’t pass this up!
I got this for $1.69. I may make it into pillows for out in our screened in patio.


I have always fancied quilt projects that have lace,  doilies or hankerchiefs in them.


See why I like this so much!!!!

IMG_1212They both wintered outside and have a very nice patina to them. I keep them in the screened in patio.


It was definitely a beginning quilter that made this wall hanging. You can really tell by the back.

IMG_1201I don’t think the piece was basted at all. It looks like they may have started from the sides and worked toward the middle.

It was a labor of love and I know we all have a learning curve. Don’t we?!?!#*^/\^


I like these colors together. Green and purple. It will be like the lilac bushes in another month.


I ran a dowel through the sleeve and put it on

the door going into my quilt room.


     It will stay there until the

     weather warms up and we can get the patio furniture out.

IMG_1191-001     IMG_1210

Pretty soon the pots will have flowers in them. I hope to spend a few weekends out on the deck working on my scrappy bargello!

The first link for the scrappy bargello was back in 2008. Here is how it looked last September.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a note if you stop by for a visit. I would love to hear from you. QT


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