I think this was a shower curtain. It will be my picnic tablecloth!

I think this was a shower curtain. It will be my picnic tablecloth!

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

When I picked this up at the thrift store I started giggling. It looked really great with another tied quilt they had there but I had to limit my purchases.


They do look really great together. The tied quilt was $9.99. I left it behind but will be able to enjoy it in this photo. The smaller piece I think was a shower curtain because it has grommets on it.


I came back to add some close-ups and to show a few thrifted items I picked up along with this curtain. 4-5-13


The fabric almost has the weave of flour sack fabric. I am certain this was manufactured and not home made. Maybe it was made during the time flour sack fabric was popular???


I got the water bottle for 99cents and it is still in the package. Every single one that has been in this house has disappeared! How does that happen? You can see a wall hanging in the next post that I also picked up during this thrift run. Luv it!!! I’m singing!!!!!!!!


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