Mary Ann’s Triple Irish Chain and Many Trips Around The World

Mary Ann’s Triple Irish Chain

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My son and I went to my hometown on Friday evening. We spent two nights watching movies until midnight with my brother. We were all pretty tired Sunday for Easter. It probably wasn’t the best idea.
I did work on Mary Ann’s quilt on Saturday in mom’s sunroom. Oh goodness would it be nice to have a room like this. It is a room that faces East so we watch the sun rise together. I just love it.

IMG_1160   IMG_1156

We celebrated my brother’s 29th (again) birthday and his daughter Mary Ann’s 21st! I had to show Mary Ann I am making progress on her quilt.

I laid the blocks out on the floor this morning. Each 49 patch has one cat fabric in it. I charted where the cat’s are located to see if I had a cat filling each square through out the quilt. There are six areas that do not have cat fabrics. Two areas in the bottom left have 4 blocks with cats in the second column and the third. It is strange to me that the areas where there are no cats is 3 of the corners. I will be moving things around a little to spread the kitty cat love.

IMG_1154     IMG_1155
I have decided I am going to start journals for the kids marking the progress over the years of their quilts! It’s the best I can do since I jump from one project to another all the time.

IMG_1159     IMG_1158

These blocks are only 1 inch finished. It has been a challenge over the years to find cat fabrics on the small scale that can be cut this size.

I like to work on seasonal projects and then set them aside until the season comes around again.


I got 4 alternate blocks finished for the 4th row and then cut out 7 more blocks of the white on white. I have an extra 36 49patches finished over and above the one’s laid out in the photo above. I will be making this similar quilt for my nephew Jon once I am finished with this one. I then have two years to work on Emily’s before she graduates from high school. I am cutting the block’s for Jon’s quilt as I do the one’s for Mary Ann’s.

Many Trips Around The World………………………………………………………………………………



I spent a little time hand sewing on my mom’s quilt. We had finished eating brunch and were watching the basketball playoffs so it was a perfect time to bring out her quilt so she knows I am making slow progress on hers as well.


I am setting in the maroon color 1 1/2 inch squares between each block.

(Do you ever wonder at times where color choices come from?

It was truly a subconscious decision but we lived maroon and gold for 3 years!)


Kite flying at mom’s.


When we got home last night and drove up to  the house I could not believe how much snow had melted in two days!


While we were flying kites yesterday I had to get one kite out of a tree and walked through a foot of snow and some places even deeper! It is weird because mom only lives about an hour 10 minutes North of us.


In past years mom has had a basket for each of us. This year she did one big enormous basket!

IMG_1127My boys!


Birthday Cakes

My sister-in-law made both of these cakes. The one on the left for my brother to celebrate his 29th (again) birthday and his daughter’s 21st (first time) birthday! Easter was pretty amazing at my mother’s house!!!


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