Made with LOVE!

Pillows made in the late 80s

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I finished these two pillows for my son before he was born the summer of 1989.

IMG_0997I made little hearts and stuffed them and then attached the hearts to the white fabric.


I love the texture it gives the piece.


I have never seen anything ever done this way.


I had my purple fabrics out because I know I still had some of the original fabrics

used in my son’s quilt and in these pillows still in my stash.


I then was looking at Flickr and saw Ann’s quilt.

16 patch doll quilt

I have to make it.


I already have 8 blocks done….only 12 more to go.


2 Responses to “Made with LOVE!”

  1. Ann Champion Says:

    I’m so happy you shared more details of your pillows. I love the little stuffed hearts. I can just imagine the baby touching them. Such wonderful texture.
    It’s surprising how much the color in your fabrics has changed. I had some navy blue prints that faded out to tan over time.
    Yours is such a pretty shade.
    I really like your little blocks. Sometimes we just need to stop what we’re doing and do a bit of sewing? 😉

  2. quiltedthrifted Says:

    I found another pillow I started back in the 80s in these colors. It was never finished. The top is done it just needs quilting and then to be made into the pillow. Thanks for stopping by Ann.

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