Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

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I purchased this quilt at an antique store years ago because i knew it was unlikely I would do too many applique projects.

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

Sunbonnet Sue

I like the lace at the bottom of the dress and also the embroidered flowers.

Sunbonnet Sam

The fishing Sam blocks alternate with the Sue.

Sunbonnet Sue

Each block is different

Sunbonnet Sue

On this one the dress is made of a plaid fabric.

Sunbonnet Sue

This one is gingham.

Sunbonnet Sue

Different types of lace were used on the dresses.  I took this photo outdoors so it is a bit clearer.

These photos were taken years ago. When I bring this quilt out this Spring I will take some new photos.

Sunbonnet Sam

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

Sunbonnet Sam

This little guy today has 540 views on Flickr.

Sunbonnet Sue

and Sue has 18.

It is harder to find Sam on quilts. I made a Gallery of some of the quilts I have found on Flickr.

I do a search periodically of Farmer Sam, Overall Sam and Country Sam

Here is an Orange Sue/Sam quilt I purchased in 2011. It is super fluffy. Orange is so rare. I had to buy it!

My Farmer Sam Quilt

Here is a Sam quilt I purchased up in Northern MN and blogged about here.

Price Tag is still on the quilt - Farmer Sam

It is fun having 3 different Sam quilts. They are so different from one another.

I have a fourth quilt that I purchased that has just Sue…no Sam.

Sunbonnet Sue



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