Grandma Martha’s Quilt

Full View of Grandma Martha’s Quilt

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Here is almost a full view of Grandma Martha’s quilt.

Vintage Quilt

Here is a view of one of the “less worn” blocks in the quilt. I had written better but I then decided that was not the right word.

There are those of us in the quilt world that have hearts that lean toward the wear and tear.  I am certainly one of those.

Backing solid fabric - most likely a sheet

Backing solid fabric. Most likely a sheet.

M. Smidt

I was so happy to see M Smidt on this quilt. It tells me I got it from Martha Smidt’s daughter Katherine.

Aunt Kay

Kay has lived with my family since the very early 70s. She is our Guardian Angel.

"Grandma" Martha Smidt's Quilt

I was wondering where this quilt came from and then I realized two tags are sewn on both sides of the quilt. I am not certain if they were put on by the maker or put on due to going to a nursing home and all personal items needed to be labeled. The label is machine stitched on.

Vintage Quilt given to me

Rosa asked me to add this block to the Vintage Quilt group on Flickr.

There are today 646 members whom have loaded 2,133 photos of vintage quilts.

There are some really sweet fabrics in this quilt.

Vintage Mushroom fabric

Vintage mushrooms

Vintage fabric rabbits and mushrooms

cabin with smoke coming from chimney

Cabin with smoke coming from chimney

Close up shot of novelty fabric

little bunny rabbits

Vintage Quilt Square  - sort of a Pinwheel

Vintage Quilt Square  – sort of a Pinwheel

Here is the fabric the maker placed with the rabbits. It is so perfect in my opinion.

What I love about Flickr and being a quilter is the correspondence between two people. I am in North America and Robyn is in Australia.


“it’s such a great pattern hey? really dynamic but simple. You have some amazing old quilts. luck america.”

Me:  (56 months ago)

“Thank you for the nice comments. I feel very lucky and really enjoy taking these photos and sharing them. I love the fabrics, the detail, the gentleness, the love that went into these quilts, the fabric choices people made….the beauty of this blue stripe with the rabbit print…it is great!!! I get absorbed when I look at quilts and when I do random sewing and my arm reaches out and grabs two fabrics and puts them together…that is where the pleasure is for me. I like working with scraps and leftovers from projects of others…their throw aways! I salvage…that’s me!”

Now Robyne introduced me to Waggas. I had never heard the term before. I started a Wagga Gallery in Flickr of some of them I have come across over the years.

Read what Robyne has to say about Waggas here.

and check out the rest of her blog. Especially the Crazy Quilt she sold.

Vintage Quilt with no batting

this quilt does not have any batting to it….summer weight…..

Piece Play (also from Australia):

“Love this too. The colours are so soft modern and graphic, unusual pattern but simple too.”

Me: “Thank you Piece Play for the comment. I am not used to quilts without batting. I guess they call these summer weight….which makes sense with how hot it has been lately. It is nice to sleep under a quilt even in the heat of high summer.”

binding done with a print - backing old sheet

Gingham fabric….the fabric I remember from my childhood.

I like the print on the binding as well.

See also…

Grandma Martha's pillow and rocker quilt throw

The rocking chair quilt


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