Antique star quilt -Lime green

Full length of antique star quilt -Lime green

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

Photo taken July 17 2008
I have had this one for a while. It is thread bare. I do think it is of all the quilts I own the one that is in the worst shape.
Some would call it a “cutter quilt”.

I think someone was trying to take the red border fabric off toward the top in order to do some repairs….but gave up. It is completely gone on the top right corner. This could be a cutter quilt but I would NEVER have the heart to cut it apart. Maybe if one star was framed with a nice quote underneath it. I might consider it but it would still be difficult.

Lone Star Pattern

I am not certain if this is called a Lone Star or if  they need to have more layers of diamonds.

All the polka dots are worn off???

All I can think of is that this quilt was washed in bleach….and the bleach had a chemical reaction to the white dots on this red fabric and ate them away. It also explains why the star is faded in certain areas. The bleach probably did not get dispersed evenly in the tub of the machine. What do you think?

“I think that the red fabric might be quite old, and dyed red with an unstable dye. Often times the older dyes will eventually eat the cotton threads” Mama&Jack

A lot of time and love was put into this quilt

Look at all the quilting! A lot of time and love was put into this quilt

I love this quilt and all its tatteredness!

You can see where bleach may have reached the left lower corner of this during a washing…otherwise it was sunbleached but I don’t think so.

I love this quilt and all its tatteredness!

a little better shot of the quilting

A little closer shot of the quilting

Fading on the stars

Fading on the stars

very detailed quilting

The pink fabric had polka dots and all the white dots have disintegrated. I find this really strange.

Star Quilt





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