Spring Thrifting


It was a thrifting day today. The table is filled with finds from last week and today.


I think the picture is scrunched because I loaded it in full size. Click to see large view.

I found a 2nd black Pyrex piece today.


Barbed Wire and Yellow Split Casserole Dishes

It is called Barbed Wire and goes great with the Compass piece I found last week.


I now have two black Pyrex pieces!

The yellow dish above I saw at a Flower shop. I was not going to buy but then I saw a red slash through it and it was 50 percent off. I paid only$3.25.

They both are split casserole dishes.

Neither of them had lids. I do though have some from other pieces I can use.

The blue butterfly tablecloth I already had. I pulled it out to cover the card table but as you can see it is not large enough! I love the soft pastel colors though. I am so ready for soft colors of Spring.



It even came with a darning needle.

The spools of thread I got last week and the darning threads I picked up today.

((((((((((((Painted Easter Eggs Are So Fabulous!))))))))))))))))


I really like these decorated Easter eggs.

They all came in one big bag. I usually pick one up here and there.

The price was less than two dollars for the entire lot.

IMG_0758I have had an Easter tree since I lived in Germany and my family there had one.  See those cute little carrots! I am not certain what I am going to do with them. I’ll have to get creative.

IMG_0759   The stationary products will be Easter presents that will be going out in the mail

I have also been purchasing the Harry Potter books when I can find them at a decent price. I saw them at Unique 2-3 weeks ago and they wanted $4.99. I thought that was ridiculous for a thrift store. I found book 5 today for $1.99. Much better.

IMG_0760     IMG_0775

Now I only need 3 more. Books 2,6,and 7 then I will have the entire set.


IMG_0761  The cup is going in my son’s Easter basket. The Sock Money and Elephant  kit will be in mine. Have you ever seen a sock elephant before?

IMG_0755I found some great fabric and linen pieces that will be stored in my vintage suitcase collection. The third case is empty…but not for long.

I need to figure out how to take the musty smell out of the case. I think I will fill it will dryer sheets… although we haven’t been using them in a while.

IMG_0770   I could not pass up another bonnet pot holder. Not for 29 cents. IMG_0764Both of these sunflower linens I was thinking of adding to my Sunflower quilt. The top white stitched piece has a small hole in it just above the right flower.


I saw a wool grey sweater yesterday at the thrift for $4.99 that would have made some fantastic wool crafts. I am hoping it will still be there when that color price tag is on sale. Each week is a new color.


The felted bird will get packed away until next Christmas.
It is really really really cute!!!

IMG_0767          IMG_0774So I am ready to start decorating for Easter. I found a few gift cards. This one here is for Grandpa H.

My Easter tree is going to look so pretty. I saw the cutest paper mache miniature baskets today. I can’t buy everything though. I spent less than $15.00 today. If you note on the top photo I got a pair of Nike summer sandals for my son. All last summer I wished he had had some. He had grown out of his from the season before.

I love thrifting.


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4 Responses to “Spring Thrifting”

  1. Karen Thibault Says:

    Beautiful photos!

  2. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Thanks for stopping by! As you can tell I have been having some fun!!!

  3. angrickerson Says:

    I love all your Pyrex! and I’m such a big fan of Harry Potter! awesome

  4. Karen Thibault Says:

    I love your history! It adds to their(quilts) beauty and grace!

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