The doll bed finally has a quilt that fits

The doll bed finally has a quilt that fits

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I am very pleased with how this has turned out. I would still like to add buttons but I can not get to them at this time. I may add more hand quilting as well but I can not decide what to add.

Hand quilted on the diagonal. Jan liked to put a stripe binding on her quilts. This is in her honor. I now would like to make a pillow and a pillowcase to go with this bed. It feels good to have something finished.  Well, almost finished if I add buttons and I must add a label.
Project: 4 Patch Doll Quilt
Started: Nov 22, 2008
Finished: March 6, 2013
Method: Machine pieced. Hand quilted
Size: 18 3/4 X 13 1/4
Fabrics: 24 various shades of red
141 different creams and whites if I include the backing 142
a number of the fabrics have leaves as a theme
if I had fussy cut some of the fabrics there would have been more – oh well.

IMG_0715 I have always liked fabrics with leaves on them. Autumn is my favorite time of the year.


I would buy any fabric I could find with acorns on them.




I put the hanging corners on the back as I sewed the binding on. I really like the bird fabric I decided on for the backing.


Here is what the bed looks like and a picture of the doll quilt just as I was starting to hand quilt it earlier this week. I have a piece of styrofoam on the bed for a mattress at this time put I want to make a mattress out of an old pillow. I purchased the doll bed at a thrift store maybe two years ago.

IMG_0712Here is how the quilt looks hanging on the wall as a backdrop behind my Pyrex dishes.

Some day I will have my wall of doll quilts. See this Doll Quilts Wall Gallery for inspiration and motivation!

There are three posts on this 4-patch doll quilt. If you click on the Catagory below you can see all 3 of them.


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