The vintage quilt on my son’s bed

The vintage quilt on my son’s bed

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IMG_0555I hung the quilt from the curtain rods on my front window so you can see what has happened to the batting inside the quilt.


I love thrift shopping with a passion. My greatest hope is to come across a quilt like this one. Vintage, no holes, no strong odor, and useable!


This quilt has been on my son’s bed most of the winter. It has a strong MALE feel to it! IMG_0558

Some people would never buy this quilt even for $2.49 but I could not pass it up!!!!



There are 25 blocks in this quilt. The dark blue fabrics are some of the best I have ever seen. The weave is loose on most of them. The white fabrics many of them I would put money on it came from men’s shirts.

Now this red polka dot …maybe that was a woman’s blouse???

…or  a sheet???

All I know is the fabrics in this quilt are in perfect shape. I have not found one hole in the entire quilt and I have looked it over multiple times.



Closeup of the fabrics

Block One Blue Fabric Berries and leaves. White shirting with very small red dots. It actually is the block on the far right side of the quilt.



(((No school today due to the 12 inches of snow that has fallen)))
Block two in the center has a light plaid fabric in it. It is what I will call the CHARACTER block. The one Character FLAW.




It has the strangest dip in the edge. Maybe a critter chewed on the edge or even a nervous child during a winter storm.

There must have been some incident because this portion of the quilt the edge has been hand stitched.


Block Three top left side of the quilt.



Block Three has one of my favorite floral prints

It is fun to see the weave in these older fabrics. This floral blue is on quite a few of the blocks in this quilt.

I first thought this pattern was the ANVIL block. Which the general shape of the block is the Anvil. It would make sense to me with the age of this quilt. It was common for earlier quilts to represent a tool that was common place at the time.

After plenty of research by Flickr friend dustincecil

“the individual block is birds in the air. but I don’t know the secondary block off the top of my head.”

“found it in barbara brackman’s encyclopedia… number1700
dove at the window
wandering lover
harrison rose
cat’s cradle
the harrison quilt
flying birds
hour glass
double pyramids

I went to the SEARCH box on Flickr and typed in Quilt and then the names above and came up with quite a few examples under the various names.

You can see the comment thread here.

Block Four is the block with the line equal signs line blue fabric and the white with small black dots.









Block Five is a Blue light dot fabric and the white is a lighter plaid design.














If you are reading this post I am taking a break and will come back to add more photos…. 3-8-13 continued…


Does anyone know if this is the Bakers Thread I have read about?

Block Six

      IMG_0579Block six the blue fabric is a polka dot and the white shirting has the lines in it. It is consistent throughout the entire piece.

There is a slight red blotch of fading on one triangle. It is the only spot or fading I have noticed.


Block seven. Blue Floral that we saw earlier and the white shirting.


I  really enjoy all the various shirtings in this quilt.

This one has to be one of my favorites.




Block Eight is the Blue Floral with two different white fabrics with block Polka Dot shirting. A solid dot and small circles.


Block Nine is the Blue Floral again with a few different white shirtings.








I still have more photos of the blocks I would like to share. I am taking  another break…

What the ties look like from the back side of the quilt.


——————————————————————————————————————————-3/8/13 2:45pm I think I need to take classes on how to do this  whole wordpress thing????? or just put all the photos in the center of the page!


These two triangles are pieced.


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