Festival at my son’s school

Festival at my son’s school

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It was so fabulous!


The European students did the Chicken Dance. The first time I heard and saw this dance was in 1987 while living in Germany at a Fasching Festival just after they crowned the Fasching King!

The African students did a step dance. When my older son was in middle school he was part of their step team and did performances. He enjoyed it so much. One time when we were shopping with one of his friends the boys had their canes and someone challenged them to dance and they broke out into their step routine. It was hilarious.


The Asian students models at least 8 different traditional dresses.

The American Indians sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It” in Ojibwe. There were about 7 students who got up and sang.

The Latino students wore some of these flowers in their hair. They had white skirts with green trim.






My son and his best friend in the crowd of students. I love their smiles. His friend’s mom was the organizer of the Asian modeling two of the models are his younger sisters. It was spectacular. I have the cutest video of all the performances. I am not going to post more children photos because I do not want to be disrespectful of the childrens privacy. If you are a friend of mine you can certainly contact me and I will share some privately.

We started out making roses buds

IMG_0534and then as more moms arrived some of them started making this style.


IMG_0533The purple one is one of the earlier flowers I made last Friday with about 15 of the Mexican moms at the school.

IMG_0535   It was a lot of fun making the flowers and even more fun getting to know some of the moms.




These types of activities are like little found treasures in life.     IMG_0536IMG_0531

This one almost looks real to me.

IMG_0538IMG_0539IMG_0541IMG_0543If I could live

these two days

over and over

I would be very happy.


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