4 – Patch Doll Quilt

Hand project for today

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I have a little doll bed that I would like to finish this quilt so I can put it on it.  I went through a lot of fabrics in my stash before I found a piece large enough and just right for the backing. I think I did a good job. I had thought about red but the batting is so thin it may have showed through to the front.


My hand project for today was to take all the little threads off the back of this piece before I baste it.


I did this after I dropped him off for rehearsal and before the concert started. I also had a chance to visit with one of the mom’s I knew from our early Cub Scout days.


The back is all cleaned off and I took a lint brush to the batting to get rid of any small pieces of thread.

This is one of the better backs of a quilt top. Usually I am not able to stay on top of which direction I am sewing the seams down. (I did take a ripper and redo a few of them so it would lay flat)

I now have the layers pin basted and

have began to quilt it.

I think I will add red buttons on the diagonal

since each 4 patch has a red square to it.



My son is on the top row directly in the center to the right of the very tall girl. She has to be a foot taller than him.

It was a fantastic concert. At the end all three choirs sang together.


I just looked at the next 4 patch quilt post and it was from Nov 25 2008 and talked about Cub Scouts. Uncanny. Here is my son with one of the boys that was at the Scout meeting I talked about in that post 4 years 4 months ago.

IMG_0431They go to different schools. I asked the two boys to take a picture for me. They really don’t even remember each other but they will be going to the same middle school next year and will both be in full honors classes. I’ll have to see if I have photos of the boys from Scouting during 1st grade.

IMG_0440A quick shot of me. Wondering if I should cut the skirt up to make pillows to match the print above our TV room couch?



Or maybe an African themed quilt!


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