Seasons in the Son/Sun

Seasons in the Son

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This is the stage the block was in when I pulled it off the wall from behind my studio door. It has been there for many many years. I did not make these existing blocks. Each member in the quilt group at the time made between 4 to 16 blocks for me. I am finishing up the unmade blocks to complete the sets of 16.
Lydia in my Tuesday quilt group asked about it and I though it was time to take it down and do a couple blocks.

IMG_0384     I wanted to add some flowers into these blocks. This set of 16 blocks will go toward the top of the quilt.



The center block on the bottom is the 1st completed block this week.

IMG_0390I have spent more time just standing in front of this piece and staring at it. I want more blue in the blocks.


I am not totally convinced the brown in the 4 patch on the light blue block works for me. I doubt I will take it out but it bothers me a little. It seems to just jump out of the block. They do need to sparkle so maybe in the end it will be what it needs. We will see. I like the fabric.

I made the red star to offset the red background one. It works.


I have two more blocks to go but it will not happen tonight. I am exhausted.

(((If you click on the Category Seasons In The Sun you will see the previous post on this quilt. It is toward the bottom of the post. )))

It was a fun day. I have been attending a program for parents on Wednesdays at my son’s school.  Every parent there is Hispanic or African except myself, a school staff person and her friend. Not many of the parents speak English so there is an interpreter. Since this is the 4th week I am getting to know some of the parents. They asked for volunteers to make flowers for a festival next Monday so I volunteered and went in today. I was a little nervous because I don’t speak Spanish and I did not know if there was going to be an interpreter there. I signed in and was waiting with two of the other parents and started talking to them. It turns out the mom closest to me was not Hispanic (kind of). Tanya is Native American and Cuban and she is married to a man from Mexico. The second mom  did not speak much English but Tanya could translate for us. We made flowers out of tissue paper and two women made a very pretty banner. I was the only white person in the room of at least 12 parents. One dad came in after a while and sat with us.

I asked about Cinco de Mayo and found out Mexicans do not celebrate the date. I was told it was something Americans came up with. Mexico’s independence is in September where they hold a parade with many military in the country.  I was told that in the schools one of  the biggest celebrations they have is on Mother’s day. I like that.

The festival at my son’s school on Monday is to celebrate all the cultures in the school. The Natives Americans are singing and dancing. The African American boys will be doing a Step dance, the Mexican girls will be dancing, the Hmong children will be dancing as well. We saw  today 12 of the skirts the Mexican girls will be wearing. I am looking forward to attending. I told them about a dance that was at my older sons school that I had thought was Hmong with long ropes with balls on it that were swirled around and clicked on the floor. One of the mom’s was familiar with the dance but she said it was Argentinian.


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