Memory Quilt Block

Memory Quilt Block

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On Monday, President’s Day, there was no school. My son and I walked around a path on the ice on the lake. Just as we were finishing our walk an eagle soared above us and circled above our heads and  then to the north side of the lake. They take my breath away.

IMG_0304   IMG_0306Today fresh snow…

and a quiet morning…IMG_0305

It’s Susan and Wades birthdays today. My children’s grandma Susan died of breast cancer in 1994 after a 13 year battle. Her daughter Sharon found out she had colon cancer 4 months later and died in 1999. Cancer is a terrible thing. Today I cut a piece of fabric from a shirt of Susan’s I had in storage. I made it into a quilt block and added it to a Black Folk Art quilt. The block with the zebra on it was from the pillowcase that was on Sharon’s bed in SFO with matching sheets. I kept the pillowcase knowing I wanted to use the fabric. I made that block a few years ago.




100 percent cotton fabric

perfect for a quilt!

IMG_0310The photo on the left is of Susan and Floyd. The woman in the blue shirt is Aunt Carolyn. Susan’s sister who died of complications from Alzheimers. They loved to travel together and talked on the phone multiple times a day. They were more than sisters. They were best friends. They both had a love for books and the travel channel on TV. The entire family feels very strongly about higher education.


I made a window out of an old envelope so I could better chose which part of the fabric I wanted to use. Sharon’s block is the one you see in this picture with the zebra.

IMG_0312  IMG_0313

I drafted the templates again because I didn’t want to take the time to find the binder I have it in.

IMG_0333    The book, Lift Every Voice, was a gift from Aunt Carolyn. We have a family reunion every two years. We rotate around the country to host family’s cities. We often sing spirituals. Every time I sing this song or Amazing Grace my throat gets tight and I choke back tears.  IMG_0335

When I held the completed block up to the light I realized I had used the back side of the white so I ripped it out and fixed it.


I love the butterfly background fabric.

IMG_0338It will be a while before this quilt is finished but I am pleased this day was for Susan.

IMG_0339I see a feather. Maybe it is an eagle feather.


2 Responses to “Memory Quilt Block”

  1. isathreadsoflife Says:

    This is a wonderful post, Theresa. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories. I love the patterns of your Black Folk Art Quilt and look forward to seeing more of it in time.

  2. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Thank you Isabelle. I would love to sit with you and work on this together. I bet you even have a few fabrics that would look fantastic on these sisters of ours. I am looking forward to seeing what quilts you create this year.

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