Add A Border block 2nd round

A completed 12 1/2″ Add A Border block 2nd round

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A completed 12 1/2″ Add A Border block 2nd round. I have been in the Add A Border group for over a year. I am not the most active member in completing blocks and getting them mailed back but I thoroughly enjoy this group. I rarely miss a week where I peruse the photos on Flickr of members creations. This is the block I worked on this month. I have a bin of batiks to pull from. I haven’t worked in Batiks for quite a while.

The original block was named Pastel Stripe Batik and was made by Celestejohnson2008
I wanted to get the 1st round block to 6 1/2 from 5 1/2 so I was a bit daring and added two strips to the center of the block. I hope people in the AAB group don’t mind because I am pleased with the design of the 2nd round block. The only thing is I don’t have much for pastel batiks. I did get a bit of almost every batik fabric I have though. I hope all members are OK with my adapting the original block to so I could end up with the 12 inch finished block.

IMG_0128  Here is the original 5 1/2 in unfinished block  IMG_0180and below is the adapted block.


I tried to get as many lighter fabrics into the mix. Many of my batiks are darker. It made for a bit of a challenge but that is the joy of working with a limited stash. I think it did work out OK

I like how the circle fabric is so bold. I attempted to get a bolder piece of fabric in each block.

Batiks have so much personality.

In this picture I shifted the photo to the left one turn and I like how it has a reflecting feel to it.

With each turn the piece has a slightly different feel.

I am excited to see how the next person to work on this block adds to it!!!

It is now 12 1/2 in unfinished and will be worked into an 18 1/2 inch block on the third round.

With the itty bitty scraps and the pieces I cut off when squaring the block up I made another 6 1/2 inch starter block. Batik fabrics give a project such an artistic feel. I really like how both these blocks turned out.


I have been working on a number of string quilt projects lately.

The Tuesday quilt group I am in is doing an exchange called Scrap Obsession.

Each of us makes twelve blocks that are 6 1/2 and we make sashing and nine patches.


We are almost done with the exchange.

I have sewn a few of the blocks together and I am very pleased with how the quilt is turning out.

Scrap Obsession

and since I was working with the strips of fabric I started a string Valentine Heart quilt. I have had a photo in my String Quilt Gallery for quite a while and have wanted to make the quilt since I first set eyes on it. One of my goals this year is to just start some of the projects that I have admired on Flickr. This comes from one of them.

String HeartIt’s been a nice month so far. We got outside last weekend and walked out onto the ice. The snow was perfect for making snow-characters.  A very cute bear evolved from our efforts with two cents for the eyes!



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