January Pyrex Snowfall

January Pyrex Snowfall

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January is noted to be the coldest month of the year in Minnesota. It was certainly cold today. I took our son to school and it was 2 degrees. When I went to pick him up at 330p it was 5 degrees. The warmest it got all day.

IMG_0051There are a few fish houses on the lake in front of our house. Yesterday I watched 3 trucks pull up in front and within seconds the fishermen had taken a fourwheeler off the trailer behind one vehicle and pulled a popup fishhouse off the trailer and out onto the lake. In less than 5 minutes they were set up and fishing. They fished for a few hours and within minutes they had loaded up and were heading out. I wondered if they were with the Clean Water Act or the city testing the water but none of the vehicles had signage on them. I would think they would have to if they were there on business. I was right they were just fishing. My Mr. came home and asked the men how the fishing was and they said they only got one fish. He told them there were fish in the lake and they replied that was what they had heard. I have never seen anything like their setup before.  These guys should hire themselves out to the city or government water control agencies because they certainly know how to set up and take down!

IMG_0102I had fun putting my January display together. I have 10 Pyrex dishes in this display and one Fire King cup and one Hazel Atlas bowl. I almost purchased a vintage turquoise vase today at the thrift store but I noticed that is had a slight chip on the rim. The painted flower on it is so pretty. Do I dare buy it for a display piece?


Here is the Fire King cup. I got it at a church rummage sale where I purchased an entire box of misc. for 25 cents. The color is perfect for this display. I am not collecting Fire King as well. Pyrex is enough.

I really would like to find more pieces in the turquoise color. I know there are a number of Snowflake pieces out there in this color.


The Hazel Atlas piece I purchased at my neighbor’s garage sale. The Grandpa had passed and the grandson was moving into the house. I liked the elderly man that lived there. He kept to himself most of the time but every once in awhile we would chat when he was taking his garbage out the alley way.

Our house was built in 1951. His house is an original farm house from the 20s. I am certain he lived there all his life.

Yesterday I went to Mill End Textiles and took the embroidery bowl with me to match a turquoise fabric.  I ended up purchasing two turquoise and 3 white on whites.

IMG_0091I was able to play with my new camera a bit today trying to get some decent photos. This one is not the best but it shows the 3 whites. I washed all the fabrics today and I am ready to cut them up. I will try to make some pot holders that will go this my Pyrex display. I want to make some small pieces to practice some machine quilting stitches.

IMG_0080I have always liked fabrics with leaves.

The white on whites are

1- small scale floral

2- number collage

3- dandelions


I will have fun adding the turquoise fabrics to my other projects as well.


     Ileene’s heart quilt has been up on the design

wall all month. IMG_0105Her quilt already

has one turquoise heart in it. It will be nice

to add another one.

     It was so fun to play with the fabric and this

wonderful Pyrex turquoise color.

Embroidery Pyrex Patterned Bowl


IMG_0052This little neighborhood snow character has a corncob nose and hydrangea arms. We receive a nice wave every time we drive by. If you stop by my blog take a moment to say hi. I would love to hear from you.



3 Responses to “January Pyrex Snowfall”

  1. http://yahoo.com Says:

    Just what exactly seriously inspired you to compose “January
    Pyrex Snowfall Quiltedthrifteds Weblog”? Icertainly enjoyed
    reading the blog post! Thanks for the post -Maxie

  2. roccagal Says:

    I luv Pyrex too! your collection is wonderful! those fabrics are pretty nice too!!!!

  3. quiltedthrifted Says:

    On May 7 2009 I purchased my first turquoise Pyrex bowl. I had already owned just a couple pieces of Pyrex that had been inherited from family members. So, it has almost been 4 years. I currently own about 90 pieces in all. I have a majority of the pieces in storage in my garage or on shelves in my furnace room. I am challenging myself to put up a new display every few months.

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