Picked up framed miniature quilt today for $1.99

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Picked up the framed miniature quilt today for $1.99. It is hand quilted. You can see the stitches in the photo below.

Hand stitching

The fabrics have a 1970s look to them. I am certain I have some of the pink plaid in my stash. I am not a big pink person but I did go and pull my pink Pyrex out of storage. The pie pan was already on the piano.


When I started collecting Pyrex the Pink Butterprint was one of the first pieces I found at a thrift store. They are very difficult to find. It must have been beginners luck!

I haven’t been thrifting in a long time. I was sick with the flu last week. I had a fever, sore throat, fluid on lungs, coughing and then currently am dealing with fever blisters. Needless to say I am tired of being sick and need a little cheering up. These two little guys and 99 cents each did the trick! I love them.

Thrifted Sheep

They go well with the sheep I have already.IMG_0061


I got a new camera for Christmas so I played around a little with shooting pictures of these guys.

IMG_0067IMG_0071I went to a few different thrift stores to see what I could find and to just get myself out of the house for a little bit. I couldn’t find any Pyrex at all. At least not in the area where it usually is. In the display shelves toward the front of the store on the bottom I came across the Pyrex dish in the cradle with the etched lid. It was for $6.99 which is on the higher end of the prices I usually pay. I thought since I have been so sick and haven’t been out of the house in an entire week I’d say I deserved it.  It is a beauty. I found out on the Pyrex Love Flickr group that the lid can also be used as a pie plate. It makes sense.

IMG_0064I am very pleased with my finds.

IMG_0047With pretty work like this on the cradle handle it just brightens my day.


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  1. roccagal Says:

    oooh I have no pink but I want some!!!!

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