Went to a Bon Voyage party

Went to a Bon Voyage party

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

This quilt is hanging at a friends house. I snapped a picture at her daughter’s “off to study in Europe party”. A few days later while sorting through bins of fabric I came upon an unfinished quilt piece. See my Flickr site for January 18, 2013. I think it is strange that I came upon this piece so many years after making the quilt with Marie. It may have been my attempt to make a scrappy back and for some reason I bailed on the idea. It may have been my remembrance piece documenting the fabrics I used in MArie”s quilt. I simply can not remember.
I am going to make wonky stars like the one’s we made in the Bush Fire project. The stars will help make the top piece wider. I also will add for eye spy fabrics. It could have been another reason I started the scrappy yellow rows.


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