Organizing Fabric

Organizing Fabric

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About half a year ago I started accumulating these 6 inch deep bins. I had many on hand holding paperwork, Christmas and misc. They are 28qt 23inch x 16.75in x 6inch. Some are Rubbermaid, Sterilite and anything else I could find at the thrifts stores for 1.99 or so. I can fold the fabric and get two full rows.
I now have 10 bins
1 white and creams
2 black purple blue
3 cats
4 yellow and sunflowers
5 green
6 plaids
7 30s
8 Christmas
9 reds and patriotics
10 orange brown and leaves
Plus an oddball size bin that has
Music,vintage,homespuns,70s,brights,batik,novelty,polka dots,floral,metallic,flannel,holidays,eye spy,hearts,building material( wood,bricks,stones)
Today I started sorting into small 4qt bins
Solids,and individual bins for the scraps of green,red,orange,blue,yellow,purple,white black/brown and 6×6 inch squares.
After all this sorting I still have 3 66qt bins of scraps that I want to continue sorting by color. I will use one of the bins for vintage blocks, quilted pillowcases I want to make into bears and rabbits for the bed, and works in progress.
Note: I had a lot folded and in bins with labels taped on the outside but then Jean in my quilt group sent this blog article yesterday and I loved the idea of recipe cards on the inside of the clear boxes. Then if I have to split the reds and patriotics into separate bins I just move the card.…

I  have enough 30s fabric to make 3 quilts.

I hurt my back just before Christmas carrying the 66qt bins with Christmas decorations out of our storage room.  The 28qt bins are still heavy but I will try to not carry them very far And I will NOT carry two at a time.  In the article above the woman uses smaller bins. I am going to take a look at them at the store. I think I may even have a coupłe Of the smallest size.

I am really pleased with the progress I have made in the last two days with taking my stash organization to the next level.


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