Red Quilts From the Tuesday Quilters Group

Red Quilts From the Tuesday Quilters Group

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We had so much fun showing off our red quilts to each other. We had a little bit of everything. Hawaiian applique, pieced stars, applique hearts, tied pillow,  doll quilts, wall hangings and full size quilts. I enjoy sharing this time together. This picture shows what a great time we were having…especially the two front right. They were sharing a little inside joke about the Hawaiian “fertility” quilt!

One of our members lived in Hawaii for a few years. She continued to be an active member in exchanges through the mail while she lived there. She is very knowledgeable now about this type of quilting style.

There are 12 of us total. One member is a nurse and has a hard time making it to all the meetings. Our other missing member has moved about 45 minutes out of town and doesn’t drive at night any more. She just emailed us and said she will need to drop out of the group. Well we have always had a motto “Once a BABE, always a BABE”. There is a wonderful quilt shop in the town she lives in so I do see us getting together there at some point this upcoming year.

This heart quilt is so wonderful. I like the different tones of white, creams and tans for the background.  The hearts looked stuffed to me as well. I didn’t get a close enough look at it while we were together. When we meet at her house again I will have to get a closer look.

With the left over fabrics she made a little doll quilt. She has a number of little doll beds in her house that this will look lovely on.

This is one of the larger quilts. There was  a story that came with this one too because she said she was running out of white fabric and originally was going to run this diamond border all the way around the quilt. I really really really like it this way.

I just don’t know if I could ever do a two color quilt this large and sew the same block over and over.

I like to design as I go and be creative with fabric choices on a scrappy type quilt.

I do absolutely LOVE this. I just  think I would have to make one block a year and it would take me……….  6 X 8……….48 years! I would be almost 100 years old by then!

Here is a smaller quilt. It is about the same size as the one that I made. Although she has a binding on hers.

My small quilt I made back in February. Each block is a different red and each white is different as well. Some of the fabrics are more on a valentine theme. I think I will make it into a small pillow. It is tied.

With this I say I hope your Christmas was very MERRY,  I hope those celebrating Hanukkah enjoyed the lighting of the Menorah candles and time with family, I hope that those that did not celebrate the birth of Jesus used the holiday to give a gift or to spend time with a loved one and I hope we all prayed a prayer for tolerance and for…



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