Chicken Scratch

I walked into the thrift store yesterday and this is what I saw.

The bag was stapled together so I could not see what was inside…. but, I bought it anyway.  I knew it was chicken scratch but I had no idea what the design was with it being stapled shut.  I started a Chicken Scratch Gallery on Flickr about 2 years ago.  I had just purchased a gingham apron a few days ago with a very nice design on it. I  also have gingham from a garage sale from a few years ago. The fabric is in a vintage suitcase.

Pink tags were 50 percent off. This bag had a pink tag and was priced $1.99. I thought at least the fabric would encourage me to take out my other fabric and go through it.

  I opened the bag taking off at least 5 staples to get at it.






When I saw the hearts I have to admit my heart started to beat a little faster!

I was thinking to myself maybe the fabric will be large enough that I could try my hand at making my own apron.   

I hadn’t even opened the block up all the way and I was so pleased! Look at how fantastic this block it. Do I make a quilt out of these? They are nice enough to be made into a quilt.

Look at this! Oh my goodness. Jackpot. I love it.

I was really getting excited because I knew there were more in the bag.

I can’t believe my good fortune.

Could the next one  be as beautiful as the first?

Looking at it closer I could not believe how much work someone must have put into making this.

This one has the edges turned over.

I have always wanted to try this.

Windmill pattern.


There’s nothing like red gingham.

Sailboats in a windmill layout.

This floral one looks best on point.

Man oh man. You will have to tell me if they saved the best for last.

*** I think so ***

I think I scored….big time!

I then found my second Pyrex cup.

The first one a found in the last two weeks.

I have to turn the cups over yet to see if they are Pyrex. It won’t be long and I will know them by sight.

Now if you would like to stop by for a cup of coffee. We won’t have the same style of cup but they will both be Pyrex!

Since school starts the day after tomorrow I could not pass up color pencils and a huge bunch of pencils – already sharpened.

If you enjoy Chicken Scratch take a look at this blog and her thrifted Swan tablecloth.


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