Saturday Jul 9th 2011Thrift Haul

Saturday Jul 9th 2011Thrift Haul

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Ok I went thrifting a few days ago and kept thinking about this crocheted butterfly with the vintage lace pillow. I had to go back and see if it was still there….and of course see what other treasures I could find.

It was still there! I LUV it. I am thinking I will take it off this pillow and put in on one of my crazy quilt patches in the sunflower quilt.

I just had to get this wheelbarrow small pillow.

I have always wanted to make some pillows like this one.  It only cost 99cents. I couldn’t make it for this price.

I would like to some day have an entire collection of pillows made with plaid fabrics.  Why NOT!

I purchased my first Pyrex cup! I have been looking for one and finally!

I can always use another casserole  dish. I like this design so much. I don’t know if I already have anything in this design but I think I do.

Look at that great bracelet!

I can’t wait to fix this bracelet. It needs to be restrung and I may even put new spacers between the bobbles.

I ended up buy 4 shirts for myself today….the only time I can do that is when I get to shop without a 9 year old tagging along. He likes to go hand out by the toys but It does inhibit my ability to just look around.

Again, I just had to buy it. This blouse has a sunflower theme to it. It has a very artistic feel to it. I am looking forward to putting an entire outfit together.

I have always like the combination on blue with the mustard yellow. This blouse also has a very artistic feel to it. I have the perfect long black skirt to wear with it. Fun fun fun!

Not the bangles. They are kind of my thing.The red one I got about a yaer ago. It is black on the inside… is so cool.  Also thrifted.  The beaded one was my Christmas gift from my boss at work. Each employee got a different one. The black bangle I just thrifted this past week. It has the stretch elastic on it so it it easier to get over my wrist. I have some bangles that hurt when I put them on. They are a bit too small.

and since we are on black. This blouse has the neatest black lace all across the back. I won’t be wearing this to work….but I think I know someone who will like it. I have the perfect black spaghetti strap top to go underneath it.

So….what have I missed telling you about. Oh, yeah. Some little pants for Fionna (my GREAT niece). I will write more about them later.

and another blue glass goblet – now I have 10 of them.

so do you want to know the damage.

Pyrex glass .69

Pyrex Cassarole dish 3.99

Pillows: Wheelbarrow .99 Plaid .99 Butterfly 1.69

Bracelet 1.69

Old Navy 18mos pants 1.99

Blouses: ALFANI 5.99

Sunflower 5.99

TRIBAL 3.99 (made in Bulgaria)

WEST KAI black lace 5.99

and of course…..a 20% off coupon!

oh yeah….. and some vintage fabric almost a full yard for 1.99

Total was still close to $30.00 but you know what….just one of these blouses would have cost at least that much full price….and it was relaxing…and I got to go treasure hunting!!!!!!!!!


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