Antique Shopping Feb 19 2011

Antique shopping

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I met my best friend yesterday and we went antique shopping. We both scored. She is just finishing a novel by Sinclair Lewis and wanted to purchase another book to read. Well I took her to an area where there were books and she saw one right away and next to it was another….and then another and behind it were more! She ended up purchasing 14 hardcover books all by this author. The books ranges from $8.00 to $32.00 which was signed.
I purchased a cot quilt made out of wools. It would have fit perfectly on the cot size bed in the collage above.
I was fascinated by so many items in the shop. The 4 quilts shown in this photo I did not purchase. The lower left quilt was a small doll size quilt that was on a doll bed. I really like the colors. The center quilt is a crazy quilt with many nice stitches in it. the log cabin on the right is tied and they are my favorite types of quilts.

The thread case in the upper right corner was amazing. $850 dollars worth of amazing. Each row is a drawer with slats inside where more spools of thread could rest. The cabinet is beautifully made out of oak. If I had a million dollars!


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