Quilted Thrifted

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I am sitting at my sister’s with my dad taking his last breaths. It is now a time of waiting. Wondering when that last breath will be.
The family was called in my hospice last night at 11am. I sat by his side holding his hand the entire night. I had about 2 hours of sleep and I am tired, scared, questioning, anxious, unknowing, powerless…
I want my daddy to be up at a craft show selling his crafts and joking with the other venders around him. I want my daddy to be telling me how he is still 39 years old and will always be 39. I want my dad.


One Response to “Waiting…”

  1. isathreadsoflife Says:

    My thoughts are very much with you. Your dearest father feels your loving presence and it will help him when his last breath will come. Imagine your father surrounded in a warm comforting Light. Peace and Trust in your heart, all is in His Hands.

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