Thrift Haul January 2011

Thrift Haul

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I just couldn’t help myself. Life has been so stressful. I can get

some relief by just

wandering the aisles of the local thrift looking for treasures. I found some!

I got this amazing tulip quilt for just $7.99

I don’t see one thing wrong with the quilt…not one!

I also picked up that huge purple fleece blanket. The white backing fleece is absolutely spotless! I paid 7.99 for it and I am going to cut it in half and tie off the one side on both pieces and make two lap blankets. My sister in law loves purple and one will go to her for next Christmas and the other to a niece.

All the label says is needs edge sewing. I can do that!

It will be Here is the scale of the tulips.

I like the vintage table topper for valentines day and the cookie cutter has a heart in the center. The bags are spiderman and will be perfect for my son to take treats to school for valentines.




I used my 20 percent off coupon!
hard Good Linenes (quilt)   7.99
Kids Clothing REI waterproof jacket  9.99
Paper goods  valentine bags     .99
women’s top was with leaf pattern 3.99 green tag discounted to    1.99
Kids clothing Galapagos t-shirt to make small pillow was .99 green tag disc    .49
Paper goods -Monkey deck of cards.79 down to      .34
Media video – chick flick for myself   .99
Thriftmas-Cookie cutter hand with heart     .69
Thriftmas-valentire table topper    .99
Thriftmas-heart ribbon     .69
thriftmas- Bobble head    .69

thriftmas-thread –want to use yellow gold for sunflower quilt. .69
linens-purple fleece blanket  $7.99
Home deco-photo shadow box    1.99
Home deco-sewing body mold – I will put my necklaces on this 5.99 .

postcard discount 20percent -7.94
total with tax 35.89

****** I would have paid that just for the quilt!!!!

This is the pattern for the shirt I purchased.  I got this shirt to go under a suitcoat.

I have really come to like leaf prints. These colors are especially pleasing.

I have this small piece of antique crazy quilting that I purchased in Baltimore back in the 80’s at an antique store. I also got this amazing antique doll. I would like to get the swatch from the antique quilt in this frame and up on a wall.


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