It’s my birthday… and I survived it!

My favorite color – a late bloomer!

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I swore this year I would take a trip somewhere and be far away from home for my birthday. The last few birthdays someone has always been sick and it always seemed to be a bummer of a day. We had a football day yesterday driving and spending time together as a family. I was tired today and was treated to a wonderful home made breakfast – a garden omelet made with tomatoes and peppers from the little patch of a garden we had. When I went out to see what was there I was surprised to see a flower from a sunflower packet I had planted in the spring. There were also purple morning glories blooming. The two colors go so nicely together.
We just got home from a pizza dinner with both my son’s and two nieces. It was a nice night and we got some very nice family photos. They are on their camara so I hope to get them in the next few day.
All in all it wasn’t the Galapagos and hanging out with the 150 and 175 year old turtles but between Julie and I we together reached the 100 mark today. Her birthday was Friday and mine today….we’re both the same age so… the math…..50 plus 50 equals!!!!!!
Nite everyone.


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