This is what happens to thrifters…multiples!

This is what happens to thrifters…multiples!

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I have been cleaning through bags and boxes of things….accumulated and set aside. Here are a few new acquisitions.

The Kiss @ 2001 paperback reg price $7.99 purchased at the VV thrift 69 cents
The hardcover probably came from my mother although it has the initials AK 7/02 in pencil in the upper right corner of the first page.
That usually means an antique store or 2nd hand shop.

ROGUE @July 2008 reg price $27.00 has a sticker on front Bargain Priced $6.98
I don’t remember purchasing this one either but it is probably the newest of her books that I have.

The red book is SPECIAL DELIVERY @1997 $6.50
has initials CP/DP in the front cover

Zoya @1988 $19.95 Hardcover

THE HOUSE @2006 Hardcover $27.00

Bungalow 2 @2007 3/4 size hardcover $1.99 Bibles for Missions Thrift store. (This one I did purchase.)

and I just realized I have another duplicate… SAFE HARBOUR in hardcover and paperback!

SAFE HARBOUR @2003 Harcover above $26.95 has a garage sale sticker on it $1.00 This book is her 59th best selling novel!

The paperback below $7.99 has a  Costco sticker$4.49 . I know I didn’t buy it there but….someone did!

I haven’t had a chance to read in quite a while. This is my winter treasury!

I hope things quiet down enough eventually to have enough time to sit and read.

It won’t happen for a while though. We have 13 weekends of Saturday football!

Maybe during a roadtrip I can get a little reading in. Although most times I do get car sick when I read in the car. If anyone has any home remedies to cure car sickness let me know!

Honor Thyself @2008 $7.99 has a sticker $4.88 on the front…looks like from a used book store. Again not one of my purchases….must be mom!

THE LONG ROAD HOME @1998 paperback $7.99 has a 25 cent garage sale sticker.

Sunset in St Tropez @2002 Hardcover thrift store sticker 99 cents

JOURNEY @2000 $26.95

VANISHED @1993 $23.95

THE COTTAGE @2002 $26.95

Guess What?

I haven’t read any of these…………………..yet!

Any recommendations???

Here is the log of the books I have


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