I really like this Pyrex pattern!

I really like this Pyrex pattern!

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I have started another collection….Pyrex! They remind me of my childhood and of the times I would go over to my Grandma’s and she would be making molasses cookies.

This weeks thrifting has been quite a success. I scored yesterday on the way home from work by stopping at one shop and snatching up the Pyrex bowl and a video  “chick flick”.  The cashier gave my little one the tiger stuffed animal for free. We then had the fever and ran over to another thrift store. There was a tied quilt there for $5.99 that I did not purchase but I did take a photo of it with my cell phone. I just have to take some time to figure out the whole download process for my cellphone. I was looking for some thread but there was not even one little spool! Sometimes you win sometimes you don’t. I did find a little stand with flags that I think will be good for a history lesson in cub scouts. It has examples of the early US flags. Earlier this week I picked up two bins and a US flag. The flag was only 2.00 – love it!

I picked up a small tin with a sewing machine on it for only 39cents. I thought it would be nice for my quilt group Christmas present.

I then went over to the children’s section and there was a cute folk doll – again I did not buy it but I saw the marrionette and I could notpass her up. She has a Scandinavian sweather and hat.

I purchased 3 more videos. A Wyatt Earp set of two for my dad. He is not getting up out of his chair much any more. I thought it would be good for him to have something fun to watch. Earlier this week we stopped at a new thrift shop in the area and they had a bunch of John Wayne VCR tapes. I didn’t get them but I think I will go back and see if they are still there after payday on Thursday. The other video was “Little Women” which my son and I watched last night. It was a great lay in bed a cuddle and watch TV movie. It kept his attention which I wasn’t certain it would. He wanted to watch “Back to the Future” which we picked up last week for 99 cents. I didn’t get that video in the photo. The video was got yesterday was “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II”. That was a movie our older son watched all the time. Somewhere we have #1????

I picked up two blue stemware glasses for 69 cents each.

I have an entire curio cabinet of blue glassware.

I now have 9 of the same kind of glasses! I’m getting there.

I really enjoy blue glass of all kinds.


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