Thrifting is still a passion of mine


Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

Container made in Holland 49 cents
Pyrex dish – the dish had 2.99 and the cover had .99 /she gave it to me for 2.99
Hat .69
two blue glasses .79 each

I have a few containers I have collected over the years. Not many. I try to keep an eye open for any that have a quilting theme. This one is vintage and has that textured surface to it. For 49 cents it will help me organize some of my threads.

I have a few pyrex pieces. This one I am certain the top does not go with the bottom. They are the same size though and I can use it now to keep food warm when we eat out on the deck table.  (((Update Blue Doily Pyrex the cover does belong to the base!)))

The blue glassware I purchased too because I just can’t pass it up for 79 cents and it goes so well with the two bowls I got earlier this year. (or late last year).

The cap will be worn by one of us this fall for football games. By the way. My son came home with a black eye after his birthday weekend out. It is pretty messy. His eye ball has some broken blood vessels in it too. Someone pounded him a good one. Of course it was after the bars closed Friday night (his 21st birthday). He went to a house party afterwards! Now you know why I worry. He had to face the football team Monday morning at 6am at practice. I would have to say this a bit of a humbling experience for him. He has a gash over his right eye that should probably have stitches. It came apart last night. He has those type of sutcher bandaids on it now.


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