We had one excited little brother!

We had one excited little brother!

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I came home from work today (Friday) to a house of hungry football players here to celebrate our son’s 21st birthday. Dad was busy cooking away on the BBQ a rack of ribs, brats and hamburgers! He whispered to me that the boys had been to the house most of the day and were being so good to our younger son. They were all playing video games with him and letting him hang out with them. He was having the time of his life. His older brother didn’t mind at all.
It’s pretty great when 5 twenty-one year olds will let a high energy 8 year old hang out with them. I quickly put a cake in the oven and by the time they were done eating we were ready for steaming hot birthday cake with frosting melting all over! I heard all kinds of “hmmm this is really good” as I smiled thinking…..there’s nothing like a freshly cooked cake right out of the oven.
As 9pm approached I quickly grabbed the camera before they took off for a celebration night! Be safe and keep an extra eye on our son. Happy birthday buddy bud. Mom loves you so very very much.


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