May Day 2010

May Day 2010

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We went to the parade today and really enjoyed it. This parade is a highlight of the Spring for me. Some year I would like to get involved in the workshops Heart of the Beast has the few weeks before the parade. It was beautiful weather. A bit windy for those on stilts and the higher puppets. We’ve gone in past years in the rain and really cold weather. Today was beautiful.

Today was the 36th Annual May Day Parade and Festival in South Minneapolis. The parade is  put on in conjunction with the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood. I have a cousin who lives across the street from the park. It has been a tradition to stop by his place for a visit and then go over to the park.

The theme this year was UPROAR! “an embrace of all people joining together with collective strength for the present and future health of this world”. It was fun because there were a lot of puppet tigers in the style of a Chinese dragon. The folks in the parade would go around and get the spectators to roar! We did our share of roaring today! There has always been a diverse group of participants in the parade. I did see a celebration of different cultures possibly more so than other years. It is one of the aspects that has always drawn me to the parade.



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