Vintage Cracker Quilt

Vintage Cracker Quilt

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I was going through a box of scraps this morning and came across a plastic bag with fabrics and a slip of paper.
Cracker Quilt
92 blocks.
200 – 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2 ”
92+ – 3 ” squares to be cut on the diagonal
24 – quarter square triangles for the border

My initial thought was 4 of the 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 strips together but then I put in cracker quilt in Flickr and came up with this.

It has the description

“The ‘Cracker’ pattern is a traditional quilt design for Ocracoke, with four stripes and four triangles per block. One of the interior stripes is always of a red-patterned material. This Cracker wall hanging was pieced of 1940’s fabric by Patricia Kelly, a frequent island visitor from Pittsburgh, PA, and hand-quilted by the Ocracoke Needle & Thread Club.”

I knew immediately the pattern and fabrics was not for this quilt. There are minimal red strips in the bag. I do like the quilt though and googled and found out more about Ocracole quilts.

I think it is fun when you find out a pattern is from a certain region of the country.

((I still have the baggie with the fabrics in it. I will photo later. I need help solving the mystery of the quarter square triangles!))

Going back to Flickr I then saw these blocks and realized I have a quilt with this pattern and never knew the name.

This photo came from here.    

This is my quilt.     The settings are just different.

Vintage Quilt

Front and Back of the quilt

Square using dot fabric

Square using the cat fabric

Vintage Cat Fabric

Vintage Floral Fabric

Vintage Umbrella Fabric

I now know this is called a cracker quilt. All in a mornings journey!  The pattern is here.

Update 7-11-13

I just came across a great new fresh tutorial for a variation of this quilt by “Cut To Pieces” called Cracker Scraps!!! It’s so wonderful to see her post bringing renewed interest to this historical pattern. It even inspired a new quilter! See comments on her post.



2 Responses to “Vintage Cracker Quilt”

  1. Cherri House Says:

    Hooray for you, and your research, one mystery solved!

  2. Ann Champion Says:

    What a fun find! I recognized the pattern as Cracker. I’ve seen it done in 1930-1940’s fabrics quite a bit.
    The triangles that were set aside for the border may have been a pieced border the quilter was going to do? There doesn’t seem to be enough for use as setting triangles if the blocks were set together on point…and it would have been odd to put them together that way?

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